Future Citizens in Noord

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Visit A Lab during the Wemakethe.city and ROEF festival for a program about citizens and the future. In A Lab we try to find out what crossovers between for example journalism and blockchain, music and robotics, games and art mean for the future in our building, a ‘broedplaats’ community of 300 creative, innovative and social relevant Members. For WeMakeThe.City we will research what humans mean for the future and what the future holds for us:

• 17:30 kickoff of the night, make sure you are there on time!

• celebrate the official opening of the photo exposition 'Buurtbanden' by Rufus de Vries where you can get to know the different citizens and neighborhoods of Noord

• participate in the dance performance about autonomy ‘Walkie Talkie Wilderness’ by inclusive dance school Misiconi Dance Company (http://misiconidance.nl/)

• think about and discuss the future of cities with AI, drones and self-driving cars during Think Future Today #3: The Vulnerability of a Smart City organized by 361degrees LAB. RSVP for this activity by attending the Think Future Today facebook event!

• enlarge your city view & knowledge and call with other cities Groningen and Limburg to get inspiration in the activity 'Small Stream Media' by VersPers

• last but not least, you get the chance to discover the future of food with our vertical farm grown salad hosted by OneFarm!

-- About WeMakeThe.City --
WeMakeThe.City is the festival that aims to make the city better. Already on the 5th edition, the festival will investigate important urban issues about Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and respond to many questions that everyone has on the future of our city. The program is very diverse, with dozen locations spread over the city, you can attend lectures, film screenings, exhibitions, shows, city expeditions, games, workshops, expert meetings, interviews, labs, workshops and many more. Visit their website for more information: https://wemakethe.city/nl