Fashion for Good Amsterdam: PATCHWORK 2020 - Exhibition Tour by Tess van Zalinge

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Please join us for a very special inside look at our latest exhibition ‘Patchwork 2020’ – the first ever digital collection from Dutch designer Tess van Zalinge! Tess will share insights into working with trailblazing digital technology alongside the traditional craftsmanship of demi-couture, to explore and push the boundaries of what sustainable fashion looks like in the future.

About the Collection

Earlier this year Tess van Zalinge was invited to establish a new demi-couture collection at Helsinki Fashion Week 2020. Due to the global situation, a physical show was not possible and Helsinki Fashion Week became the first-ever virtual fashion week around the world. This served as the main source of inspiration for Tess’ new collection ‘Patchwork 2020’ - her first digital collection.The collection makes use of cutting edge technologies to translate the craftsmanship of Tess’s pieces into digital: the handcraft details and tactility all requiring many layers of development. The exhibition aims to show how working with what you have available can lead to inspiration, innovation and sustainability.

About Tess van Zalinge

Tess’ love for heritage, detailed craftsmanship and historical costume design are common themes throughout her work. Tess translates her conscious mindset both into her designs and values as a label. Each piece from her collections is handcrafted in her beautiful Amsterdam atelier, where she constantly explores the potential for responsibility in fashion through fresh collaborations, inspiring partnerships and new demi-couture collections. Fine quality and longevity have been the prime focus for the label since its founding. Since then, Van Zalinge has launched a demi-couture collection every year and has worked on multiple collaborations including Fashion for Good, Artis, WNF, Royal Delft, Circl, the Centraal Museum Utrecht and more.

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