Regulatory, financial and social barriers & solutions for innovation: lessons learned from EU smart cities projects

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The challenge to develop smart cities is not only a technological challenge but also a regulatory, financial and social one. In fact, some non-technical issues may be more challenging to resolve than the technological barriers and the success of a project can depend on this.

By aggregating best practice and lessons learned from projects implemented across Europe, the Smart Cities Information System (SCIS) provides a valuable repository of information for all smart city stakeholders.This webinar aims to present the SCIS framework for addressing non-technical issues in the fields of Energy, Mobility & Transport and ICT by showcasing examples of:

Main financial and economic barriers encountered by smart cities projects related to access to capital or various risks and uncertainties
Regulatory and administrative barriers such as restrictive or changing regulatory regimes, regulations and standards, administrative capacity and burdens
Measures needed to promote social acceptance and uptake of technologies and solutions among stakeholders and the lifestyle and behavioural aspects that should be addressed to ensure their widest possible implementation.

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