Amsterdam Smart Stories

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The Amsterdam Smart City network will again contribute to the Dutch delegation to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, November 7-9. During the Expo we will present a number of projects, best practices and lessons learned during various panels, knowledge sessions and workshops.

Here are six projects we will share during the mission: read about them below and find the Amsterdam Smart City team and partners at the Dutch Pavilion to learn and connect further to our work.

1. Mobility Poverty Challenge

How do we prevent people’s exclusion in our mobility system?
The Mobility Proverty challenge aims to unravel where and how people in the Amsterdam Region experience exclusion from the mobility system and to counteract this problem by strengthening public-private cooperation for shared mobility initiatives

2. Floating cities: Transformative Urban Adaptation

How might floating solutions futureproof our cities?
Amsterdam is facing an acute housing shortage and rising sea levels, and has limited space to accommodate these needs. Amsterdam Smart City is supporting AMS Institute in their research on the viability and design of floating neighbourhoods and invites potential partners to collaborate.

3. Data Dilemmas: Measuring the Circular Economy

How should we collect data for the circular economy?
City of Amsterdam developed a “Circular Economy Monitor” to track progress on its circularity ambitions. Amsterdam Smart City hosted a series of public “Data Dilemmas” sessions with experts and stake- holders to evaluate and improve the Monitor.

4. AMdEX: Data Sharing in a Fair and Trusted Manner

How can we unlock the value of data?
Amsterdam Data Exchange (AMdEX) is a digital notary, offering legal contracts to organisations that want to share data. Amsterdam Smart City partners contributed to the development of the AMdEX field lab.

5. Local Energy Systems Challenge

How can we scale-up local energy systems?
Through pilot projects, Amsterdam learned that local energy systems (LES) can accelerate the energy transition. But moving beyond the pilot phase remains a challenge. Amsterdam Smart City has formed a coalition to facilitate scaling-up by collecting knowledge on LES in a “one-stop-shop”.

6. Responsible Drones

How can we ensure the responsible use of drones?
Responsible Drones is an exploratory and design study into the responsible use of drones in the city. By organizing four co-creation sessions with experts and stakeholders, we developed a report with key recommendations for City of Amsterdam's drone policy.