Crowdsourced Neighbourhoods and prejudices

According to 970 people (and 600,000 drawings) Amsterdam consists of 14% hipsters, 14% rich people, 29% 'normies' and 14% tourists.

Hoodmaps in an interesting social experiment to mapping different places of a city.


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Nancy Zikken

No it is still not working.... But my colleagues don't have issues either, so I can check the map anyway! :)

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Robert van Hoesel

Does the link still not work for you? The maker of the site had some troubles with the server lately, but seems to function normally for me!

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Nancy Zikken

@robertvanhoesel Do you have the correct link? Very curious to see the map! :)

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Egbert van Keulen

Hij laadt niet bij mij? Ligt dat aan mijn computer? Toont teken dat hij aan het laden is.