Fighting social loneliness with mobile Application "SAM"

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I couldn't believe it when I read that "10% of Amsterdammers are lonely". According to the CBS (Centrale Bank van de Statistiek) more than 500.000 people are lonely in the Netherlands (15 years +). Every day. 7% of Europeans never see friends or family. Not even once a year.

Loneliness is a vicious circle. It can start with a traumatic life event (e.g. having lost a loved one) or with physical/ mental health problems. Once you are at the periphery of your social network, things are difficult to turn around. People are insecure, they often do not know how to reintegrate into social life. SAM helps them to do so.

Often small things, such as a small chat, going for a walk with someone, etc. can make you feel significantly less lonely.

It is important that we give the people a chance to change things for the better. SAM provides a platform for people who want to seek help, but who do not know how. SAM is made by people for people.

Building the app is expensive.

This is why I need your help to find potential investors.

Also: If you want to learn more about SAM and the idea behind it feel free to contact us:

Elena Köstler