Join the Health2025 meet-up on June 5th!

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Theme: 'Prevention and recovery with your own stem cell'

How can we use stem cells and cultured mini-organs for faster and better healing? During this meeting we will try to give insights on what is already possible, what is waiting for us in the future. We will look at the consequences for people and society. Three speakers with a different perspective will take the stage.

Jasper Mullenders, Hubrecht institute.
The future of stem cell research and organoids in the fight against diseases.

Janine Roodhart - UMC Utrecht
Can a mini-organ cultivated in the laboratory be a good predictor of the most appropriate treatment for a particular patient? And what does that mean for care provider and patient?

Tessa de Korte - Ncardia
How can the cultured human heart muscle cells of Ncardia help in the testing and development of medicines?

The afterdrink starts at 17.00 hours. There is sufficient opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and care professionals. Admittion is free.

About Zorg2025
The Amsterdam Economic Board organises the Zorg2025 meet-ups 4 times a year, together with Rabobank, SIGRA and the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. These events are aimed at connecting and bringing together Health- and Care innovators and professionals, business, reserachers and knowledge institutes in the field off Health, Prevention and data . Startingpoint is to share knowldege, trends and developments , new research outcomes and applicable innovations.

Tuesday June 5,
Café Restaurant Dauphine, Amsterdam
The Health Cafe; Zorg2025 (Dutch)

Language: Dutch. Admittion is free but you need to register here:

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