The ideal city

The weekend promises to be cloudy, windy and rainy. So it is time for an excellent book that enables to take some distance from our daily smartification efforts.
People have always been longing and looking for their ideal city. Quite a number of urbanists, politicians of utopians have tried to realise their dreams: Thomas More’s Utopia, Campanella’s Town of sun, Bacons Nova Atlantis, Fouriers Phalanstère, Haussmanns City of Boulevards, Howards Garden city and Le Corbusiers Ville Radieuse, to mention some examples.
My former colleague prof. Nico Nelissen (Radboud University) has collected, documented and illustrated about 100 examples of city related ideals. If you are interested, download his book: Hemel en Aarde; Stadsidealen (2015) for free.


Gilles Betis's picture
Gilles Betis

Looks like a great book. Any plan to have an English translation one day? The audience of this book would be tremendously increased. Kind regards, Gilles