The smartest cities are reinventing themselves

In my newest post, I am featuring Barcelona as a (smart) city that in ten years changed from smart city 1.0 (company oriented), smart city 2.0 (problem centred) to smart city 3.0 ( citizen centred). In the same post I also describe the impact of the use of smart phones on the number of digital solutions which are available, using a brand new study of McKinsey: Smart Cities: Digital solutions for a more livable future

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Herman van den Bosch

Hi Nancy, Good to read that De Volkskrant referred at the'Who owns the city' comference last week. I will do the same in a post in the near future. In this blogpost I will refer at a brand new report that compares smart city governance in 50 global cities and comes with a couple of remarkable observations regarding Amsterdam.

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Herman van den Bosch

I am pretty sure that face-to-face contacts will remain highly appreciated. The best results will be reached as Internet services and face-to-face contacts are complementary and partly overlap each other to facilitate differences in preferences and capabilities between people

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Francois Le Guillou

interesting to read that face-to-face retains high value to European citizens