BinStrap - Keeping the lid on Rubbish!

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Litter Pollution is a huge threat to our planet. 8 Million Tonnes of rubbish are getting into our Rivers and Oceans every year and 80% of the Oceans pollution comes from land. This is having a devastating effect on Wildlife and Marine life who get tangled up in litter or ingest rubbish thinking it is food and end up starving to death as their passageways are blocked.

There are over One Billion wheelie bins in use worldwide, securing these would Massively reduce the amount of unnecessary litter in our environment and oceans!

Gaelan Goodfellow

What is the goal of the project?

Our cities are full of wheelie bins that are left un-secured, these are at risk of been blown or knocked over.
Un-secured wheelie bins are easy access food for animals, birds and rodents. When these animals get at a bins contents they create a horrible mess and have the potential to cause the spread of germs and disease.
BinStrap will combat our cities litter pollution, protect wildlife, stop the spread of germs and disease and reduce rodent infestations while creating a cleaner, greener, environment.

What is the result of the project?

Smart Cities have to be clean and litter free, BinStrap is a simple solution to stopping litter pollution and creating a cleaner greener city. Keeping a city litter free will also boost the tourism sector and reduce rat infestations while putting a stop to the angry bird phenomenon caused by large birds in big cities that are tempted in by the easy access to food waste.

Who initiated the project and which organizations are involved?

I, Gaelan Goodfellow am the inventor of BinStrap, I initiated the project with the help of a great team as I want to combat the worlds devastating litter pollution and this is how I will start it, I am not involved with any organisations at this time but have some great customers worldwide who believe that BinStrap is the way forward.

What is the next step?

I am looking for Smart Cities who want to reduce litter and create a cleaner greener environment. BinStrap is very easy to install and use as we have designed BinStrap to be user and binman friendly. Our next step is to work with businesses involved in Waste Management and who believe in innovation and that Clean Litter Free Smart Cities are the Future. We would like to get new city and county councils on board so that together we can combat this problem head on and reap the benefits with reduced clean up costs, a cleaner ocean, healthier wildlife and ocean life, and the curtail of rodent infestations.

What can other cities learn from your project?

BinStrap is a key player in reducing litter pollution on land and in our oceans. Large cities have vast amounts of wheelie bins, with 2-3 bins per household on average - not one of these is manufactured with a lid securing device but securing these bins is simple and there are huge benefits from doing so.
We have provided county councils, refuse companies, off shore drilling companies and pharma companies (to name a few) these companies were looking for a way to keep their rubbish from escaping their bins and chose BinStrap as it was a cost effective, quality assured way to do so. County Councils in the UK offer BinStrap to their customers in an effort of keeping litter at bay, to help them avoid over-filling fines and to act as a deterrant to fly tippers.


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Gaelan Goodfellow

Hi Robin, thank you! 99% of wheelie bins and trucks are all the same, BinStrap will fit all these bins. The wheelie bin does not change, BinStrap attaches to the original bin and keeps the lid securely shut, preventing messy spillages, keeps out Birds and Animals and Protects the Environment, Rivers and Oceans.

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Robin Neven

The power is in its simplicity, great idea! I do not like angry birds ;) I was wondering though, do garbage trucks have to be re-visioned to be able to cope with these new containers?