Building new cities from scratch

We are a group of students from Andhra Pradesh India, and we are doing a project called How to develop cities from scratch and applying lessons to the new capital city of Andhra Pradesh. We are also working on another project, regarding reducing climate change effect.

We are looking for passionate people around the world to work together, to exchange knowledge and create an interdisciplinary work experience for hte people who work with us.

We are looking for people who can share ideas on the internet and we can work and connect through the internet. People from psychology, architecture, urban planning, chemistry, everyone is welcome!


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Herman van den Bosch

Any design from scratch' that does not organise the participation of (some of) its future citizens will fail. Therefore I strongly advise you not only to team up with 'experts' but to organise discussions with potential inhabitants. Make a broad selection, and include also poor people. There is a big chance that only a minority of the people you engage will live in the new city in the end, but they enrich you with their ideas about liveability, affordability and connectivity.

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Lotte Duursma

@tyrastarothding , I see that @rayadusunkara has now added his email address to his profile. You should be able to reach him there!

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Tyr Astaroth Ding

@rayadusunkara I am interested to help out with your project. However, there is no way of contacting you as there is no email address on your profile.

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Nancy Zikken

This spring, Amsterdam Smart City received a delegation from Zenata, Marocco. They were also building a city from scratch. @cornelia could you share something about this visit with Rayadu?

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Lotte Duursma

@rayadusunkara Your email address is not visible to other community members, maybe you can add this to your profile so people can reach you easily!