Empty work space buildings towards living work space

From this covid19 pandemic, many company buildings will become unoccupied due to termination of corporations and job layoffs. It offers great opportunities for new Dutch real estate management to make buildings smarter, better, safer, cleaner, and if possible to fill the office buildings with temporary living space.

Looking for people to help find buildings with: empty workspace with transition towards new work & living space transition options
example existing transformation office building with hotel living space at office (full kitchen and bathroom) https://roundme.com/tour/369948/view/1263081/

Looking for people with new SMART ideas to help transform empty work spaces towards new, abd safe areas with clean toilet/shower. (e.g. office space towards temp student dorm)
Would be great if you have experience with real estate anti squatting, government license, property management for empty buildings/leegstandsbeheer.
Please contact me at info(at)pursangroyal.com or call met at 06 53240595
Our goal is to create a better solution to transform work space towards feasible solutions for clients.
The process : contact prospects, photo shoot 3 D spaces and draw solutions, write a short transition plan with option to fill empty work space
You will get paid per project, and travel cost will be covered. As well, you need to be able to speak well with prospects face to face, and have great judgement concerning safety, government license necessity, and feasibility for the clients.

Please look at this event as well, which has a great source of new living space ideas Meet-up: wonen op het Marineterrein
23 MEI 2018
Meet-up: Wonen op het Marineterrein
19 juni 2018, van 18.30 – 21.30 uur (inloop 18.00 uur)
Locatie: Marineterrein Amsterdam, Bovenzaal IJsfontein (gebouw 024)
Aanmelden: aanmelden@marineterrein.nl o.v.v. meet-up: Wonen op het Marineterrein, op 19 juni 2018


Michiel Zwerus's picture
Michiel Zwerus

what we have to prep for is the second pandemic, bill gates calls it pandemic2, therefore world wide smart cities need to create more ideas for living and work space combined, it sets anybody in a better place for a quarantine to work and live at a safe place, clean work space, your own toilet & shower to prevent spreading viruses

Michiel Zwerus's picture
Michiel Zwerus

perhaps, but the main driver is helping expats and students with housing, we are short with about 100.000 living units in amsterdam

Mukesh Mhatre's picture
Mukesh Mhatre

Hi Michiel,
Can natural farming (without using harmful chemicals or fertilisers) or growing select fruits and vegetables in the available spaces contribute to generating revenues for the owners?