Industrial designers with expertise in sustainable packaging

We are looking for industrial designers who can help us create reusable, collapsible, food-grade packaging made from sustainable materials. The packaging we are going to start with will consist mostly of glass, aluminum, biodegradable materials, sustainable paper and silicon.


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Nancy Zikken

Hi @marjoleinajbrasz , do you have some good ideas for Beth?

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Beth Massa

Hi Bernard,
Yes, I am very interested. Thank you! The best collapsible, reusable products we've seen at this time are silicone but it doesn't meet all the needs for all the products we'll carry in the store. Please let me know what you know!

Kind regards,
Beth Massa

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Bernard MERKX

There is also a range of re-useable & collapsible food grade packaging produced with 100% food approved (by EFSA) plastics recyclates available today. if you are interested let me know