Initiative against Food Waste

Healthy & Affordable is a project existing since 2013 which aims to reduce the amount of food being wasted in Amsterdam, and the Netherlands. As such, it aspires to become a social business through scaling up and creating more impact.

The great changemakers at Healthy & Affordable collect food which is no longer wanted because of its shape, size, defects, wrinkles, etc, but is still nutritious and yummy. We then process it in different ways such as drying, freezing, or pickling, preventing it from being wasted, reviving it to be a consumable product again, just in a different form.

​You can also become a change maker through our crowdsourcing campaign, there are many ways you can help, not only financially.

The project is part of the endeavours of Sapient Social & Environmental Enterprises to create more sustainable solutions to challenges our society is facing. We are also part of Food Circle, the food waste organisations network.

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We are looking for new partners to extend our network! If you are interested in getting acquainted with our projects, you can send an email to

Let's struggle against food waste!


Sapient SEE

Hello Nancy! We are looking for any kind of partnerships, providing they are like-minded organisations, businesses or foundations etc... sharing the same values and interests regarding sustainability, social entrepreneurship etc...

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Sapient, what kind of partners are you looking for? What are requirements? In which fields should they be working? Are you looking for foundations, governments, etc? And what do you expect from partners? Thank you!