Journalist needs help

Smart City Amsterdam will feature prominently in the next issue of "Change" Magazin of the Germany based Bertelsmann Foundation. "Change" covers political, social and economic trends worldwide. This time Smart Cities will be at the core of our investigations.
"Energy, water and waste", but also Mobility, Infrastructure and Technology and Circular City will be important topics in my report on Amsterdam. But to do so, I will need the help of you, the local visionaires, movers and shakers.
From your perspective: What are currently the most ambitious, but also the most promising projects under way? Who are the people to talk to?
I will be in Amsterdam from Jan. 10 - 15, 2017.
Whoever wants to support me will be most welcome.
You may reach me on my e-mail address
or on my cell phone +49 173 522 4172
Thanks for your assistance
Johannes von Dohnanyi
Change Magazin


Jelle Paulusma's picture
Jelle Paulusma

Dear Mr. Von Dohnanyi,
Amsterdam is also a large energy port and the port of Amsterdam faces huge transitions the coming years. As may be the same in the port of Hamburg, in the Amsterdam port area, many companies are shifting towards new world standards and as Port of Amsterdam, we build together on Smart Cities. You are cordially invited to the Port of Amsterdam. I will send you a more detailed mail afterwards.

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Nancy Zikken

Hi @johannesvondohnanyi , thanks for your question! Please contact my colleague @maaikeosieck ! I sent you her e-mail address!