Smart City "Experts" for an E-Mail-Interview

Hello :)
I’m Christine Linnartz and currently studying “Urban Culture, Society and Space” at the University Duisburg-Essen (Germany). In my master’s thesis “Who owns the smart city?” I want to clarify which role citizens, technology and companies play in today’s smart cities. Although the basis for my thesis is the current literature, I want to know what experts perceive and think.
My plan is to do remote interviews, either I send you the questionnaire with the questions via e-mail and you fill out them right way or I’ll call you.

Thanks in advance!


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Nancy Zikken

Hi Tudor, I will! It is in your e-mail in a minute :)

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Tudor Mihai

@nancyzikken Hi Nancy, I am also interested in finding more about this. Could you please share the list with me as well? Thank you.

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Christine, the team members of Amsterdam Smart City developed a list with frequently asked questions. I will send it to you via the chat in the right corner. I think it will answer most of your questions!