Landscape Architecture thesis: how inclusive are smart cities

I'm on a last minute (landscape architecture) thesis scholarship trip (4th-13th August) to research how technology can influence our experiences of the city, particularly as pedestrians. I'm looking at how it can impact on social equity as well as environmental factors. Any information or contacts for interviews would be much appreciated!



Luc Baardman🏃☕️'s picture
Luc Baardman🏃☕️

Hi Kate, we hope your trip gave you useful insights into the topic of your research. Once you've finished your research, would you mind publishing it on our Academy page so that our community members can read more about it? You can upload your thesis by clicking on the "+item" icon on this page: . Thanks!

Kate Grant

Thanks Annelies! Will do.

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Annelies Van der Stoep

Hi Kate, have a look at the projects PAUL and BAMBEA on this website! Beacons might influence the way you experience a city. Enjoy your trip in Amsterdam.