Circular City

Moving from a linear to a circular economy means minimising the waste and pollution by reducing, recycling and reusing. The City of Amsterdam aims to redesign twenty product- or material chains. The implementation of material reuse strategies has the potential to create a value of €85 million per year within the construction sector and €150 million per year with more efficient organic residual streams. Amsterdam set up an innovation program on the circular economy; By converting waste into electricity, urban heating and construction materials, the Amsterdam Electricity Company generates 900 kWh per 1000 kg of waste. 75% of the sewage system is separated for waste and rain water and the silt which remains after treating waste water is converted into natural gas. Share your innovative concepts and ideas on circular economy here.

Sunny Howd, Student , posted

Residents and planners perception of smart city technology in Amsterdam

Hi im currently doing a dissertation on smart city technology in Amsterdam im really wanting to have peoples views on it. How they feel about the tecnology and whether they have liked the changed around roads and bike lanes etc in the past 10 years or so, im really wanting to know if people know about all the tech incorporated into the city. If anyone would like to get intouch if you feel you could help please send an email to or message me on here would love to hear from you all!

Kind Regards

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Anna Vlassov, Student/Researcher , posted

Sustainability/Circularity Master Thesis

Dear expert,
In February I will start with my master thesis. Even though I have gained a lot of knowledge in academia about sustainability-related topics, I would now like to hear from YOU, the real experts in 'the field' which topics according to you are insufficiently explored and deserve more attention?

What is according to you missing in current studies, e.g. translation from academia to practice?

Rather than simply producing a thesis to conclude my masters I want to really contribute by creating something that is useful for practice and can make a change. Hence, your knowledge, expertise and potential examples of interesting cases/projects are very welcome!

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Carolien Wiltink, Online Marketing manager at Seenons, posted

Je koffiedrab duurzaam laten ophalen, circulair verwerkt!

Ben of ken jij eigenaren van horecazaken en bedrijven waar wij kunnen helpen bij het gescheiden inzamelen van koffiedrab? Wij zijn op zoek en horen het graag in de comments.

Door met Seenons je afval - nee reststromen - gescheiden op te laten halen wordt het duurzaam opgehaald en circulair verwerkt. En kunnen hier weer mooie producten van worden gemaakt die anders zouden zijn verbrand.

Het inzamelen gebeurt uiteraard op de meest duurzame manier, want in samenwerking kunnen wij de koffiedrab in geheel Amsterdam ophalen met de elektrische wagens van onze partners GroenCollect BV en Pantar.

Van deze koffiedrab kunnen we heel veel mooie circulaire producten maken zoals bijvoorbeeld de zeep van Kusala Gifts of de personal care producten van Unwaste.

Samen maken we de cirkel rond!

Kijk voor meer informatie:

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Rhea Srivastava, Master's student , posted

Master's thesis: Looking for interviewees involved in Schoonschip project

Greetings everyone, my name is Rhea and i am pursuing my master's in Urban Management and Development.
I am currently writing my thesis on decentralised smart energy systems accelerating neighbourhood circularity (through the case of Schoonschip, Amsterdam), aiming for an integrated result in the energy and circularity transition as well as to fill the gap in literature about neighbourhood circularity.
Consequently, I am looking to interview people who were involved in the Schoonschip project, including experts, project developers, community members, municipality etc. The interview would be focusing on conditions such as technological, economic, institutional, socio-cultural and environmental (depending on the interviewee's background) associated with the development of Schoonschip and its energy systems. Your valuable insights will be fully acknowledged in the final publication.

Kindly contact me if you are willing to contribute to my research or if you know someone who could help me out. I would be grateful! Thanks in advance!

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Roel van de Weijer, Cashew Officer , posted

Vote for Johnny Cashew @Kraak de Crisis

Did you know that your cashew nuts travel 12.500 km more than is required before it hits the shelves in your supermarket? Johnny Cashew sources cashew nuts directly from Africa (Tanzania, to be precise). Our nuts ensure a good price for the farmers, reduced food miles for transport and from the profit we make we plant cashew trees in Tanzania.
Out nuts taste good, look good and do good!
We look for your support to vote for us at Kraak de Crisis, an initiative that supports new ideas to fight the crisis.
With your vote we can get free advice from PWC and, above all, 25.000 euros to kick off!
Lots of love from Johnny Cashew x

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Letícia Bueno, Student , posted

Thinking Tech Partner Needed!

Hello community!
Me and 2 colleagues are structuring a circular business here in the Netherlands and we are looking for a tech partner to help us with the creation of an app and develop a communication system that will improve logistics for transportation, all this to boost circularity in our business model. The tech solution we build together will be part of a circular chain project that we will present for governments.
I am more than happy to discuss this further with whoever is interested :)

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Sophie van Alen, Junior project manager internationalization at Amsterdam Trade, posted

Speaking opportunity at the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona!

The Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona is thé leading smart city event in the world. The programme of the Smart City Expo World Congress (17-19 November 2020) includes a variety of industry leaders, city authorities and urban innovators who come to the event to shed light on the event's tracks on stage during the congress.

The tracks are Digital Transformation, Urban Environment, Mobility, Governance & Finance and Inclusive and Sharing Cities. Is your innovative company active in one of those sectors and are you interested in sharing your ideas with a wide audience?

Submit your proposal for speaking at the Smart City expo before 11th March via!

Hanneke Westerman, Boardmember BuurtBuik Foundation , posted

Develop your entrepreneurial skills as a volunteer! Make the Amsterdam centre more social and sustainable! Join us at BuurtBuik!

BuurtBuik is all about sharing food with your neighbors. We cook meals from food that would be wasted otherwise. Thereby, bringing people together around a free three course meal and build their social network. It impacts both environmental and social goals, thus, bridging the gap to a circular social economy. We would like to expand by setting up a new location in the Centre of Amsterdam. Are you going to be part of the team of volunteers that is going to make this happen? Is your Dutch at working knowledge level? To get more more information or to apply (before 4 March '20): visit our website

Lotte Geeraedts, Student researcher circular transitions , posted

Looking for interviewees to support the development of a new citizen engagement strategy for circular transitions

Hey everyone!

As a graduation project, I'm researching citizen engagement strategies in circular transitions. My goal is to develop a new citizen engagement strategy. To gain insights in the needs and wants, I want to interview citizens and organisations that are engaged in circularity challenges.
If you're interested in supporting this research by letting me interview you, or just curious about the results, feel free to contact me!

Best regards,

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Jacqueline Verheugen, posted

Job offer: operations officer Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab (16-24 hours)

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is een samenwerking tussen de partners AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Amsterdam Smart City, Amsterdam Economic Board, NEMO Science Museum en Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam. Het belangrijkste doel van Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is het realiseren van opschaalbare innovaties die steden leefbaar maken en houden. Om dat te bereiken, brengen de partners hun expertise en netwerk op het gebied van onderzoek, innovatie, stedelijke ontwikkeling en experimenteren samen op deze unieke plek in Amsterdam.

Voor het komende half jaar (september 2019 - maart 2020, mogelijk met uitloop) zoeken we een gedreven operations officer die het Living Lab operationeel gaat maken, aanvragen toetst, start met het runnen van de experimenten en zorgt voor verdere ontwikkeling van het Living Lab in samenwerking met de partners.

Interesse? Bekijk de vacature hier:

Enrico Calce, Office Coordinator , posted

Plastic Waste Recyling

Hi everyone!
I am Enrico, office coordinator for a startup of e-scooter sharing. I am looking for companies who can collect and reuse our plastic waste and turn it into swags and other objects and create nice cooperation around plastic reuse. We are also looking for a partner in handling our organic food waste to create compost!
Thank you all!

Mirko van Vliet, strategy at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Looking for waste upcycle center in Amsterdam Zuid.

As a new resident of Amsterdam stadsdeel Zuid, I'm looking for a place (similar to zero waste lab) or entrepeneurs to give my separated waste streams (resources). Best scenario would be that entrepeneurs can repurpose my resources into something more useful. Are there any ongoing initiatives in the neighbourhood?

Hope to hear from you,

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Ebbi Elferink, Project Intern Startup in Residence at City of Amsterdam, posted


Kom naar de ‘COMPLETE TURNOVER’, de dag waarop circulaire economie centraal staat tijdens WeMakeThe.City.

Op 19 juni staat het festival WeMakeThe.City - waar de vraag centraal staat: Hoe maken we samen steden van de toekomst? in teken van de circulaire economie! Op deze dag komen ontmoeten we Kate Raworth, de bedenker van de Donuteconomie, en Marieke van Doorninck, wethouder Duurzaamheid én alle indieners van circulaire projecten voor het Innovatie- en Uitvoeringsprogramma Circulaire Economie 2019.

Amsterdam en de Donuteconomie
De dag is opgebouwd rond de principes van de Donuteconomie (meer informatie via deze link). Hierbij gaat het niet alleen gaat om het terugdringen van CO₂-uitstoot en afval of het beschermen van de ecologie. Alles, van stikstof- en fosforstromen en chemische vervuiling tot inkomensverdeling en sociale gelijkheid, moet vallen binnen de grenzen van de donut, met een sociale ondergrens en een duurzame bovengrens.

We gaan samen aan de slag om een stad en metropool donut-proof te maken. Hierbij staan we stil bij wat we tot nu toe bereikt hebben en gaan we aan de slag om te leren van elkaars projecten. Daarnaast is er de mogelijkheid je eigen onderneming of werkomgeving donut-proof te maken.

Ben je projectindiener?
Als projectindiener heb je de mogelijkheid om jouw concept te pitchen tijdens de marktplaats voor interessante investeerders. Als je hier interesse in hebt, stuur dan een reply op deze mail, met als onderwerp ‘aanmelding pitch WMTC’.

Wil jij aanwezig zijn bij de Donutworkshop Circulaire Economie?

Meld je dan nu aan! Let op, aanmelden moet voor de verschillende onderdelen apart:

1. Presentatie van met Kate Raworth over de donuteconomie; aanmelden kan hier:
2. Marktplaats circulaire initiatieven; aanmelden kan hier:
3. Workshop Maak je onderneming of werkplek donut-proof; verzeker je hier van een plek:

Meer informatie en het hele programma vind je hier:

We zien je graag op 19 juni as.!

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Anuradha Sharma, Management Consultant , posted

Looking for a job opportunity in the areas of smart cities / digital transformation

I am a Smart Cities Consultant, actively looking for opportunities in the areas of Smart Cities, Digital Transformation, Livable Cities, Sustainable Development, Urban Mobility, ICT/ IoT, Strategy Planning, Project Management, Urban Management, Urban Economic Development, Urban Governance, Feasibility Studies, Technical Research, and Development.
I hold a Masters degree from Germany with specialization in Urban Agglomerations. I would be happy to hear from you pointing out at any leads or opportunities.
Thanks in advance,
Kind Regards,

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emily joens, posted

Internship in Circular Economy

I am Emily Joens, a studied industrial designer but an eco-warrior at heart.
I have a BSc. in Industrial Design Engineering, did an exchange at the University of Berkeley in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and have experience as a Sustainability and Purpose Consultant.
I am seeking an opportunity to do an internship in Circular Economy.
I would be grateful about any potential leads!
Feel free to contact me via my email -

Larissa Bergshoeff, Pr and communication specialist at Kennisland, posted

Kennisland is looking for the most innovative ideas that tackle plastic waste!

For this year's European Social Innovation Competition we’re looking for projects, products, services, business models and collaborations that tackle plastic waste. Out of all entries 30 semi-finalists will be selected. They will receive a package of support from experienced social innovators to turn their idea into a viable venture. The 3 most promising ideas receive 50.000 Euro prize money to further the development of their ideas!

We're looking for ideas from one or more of the following fields:
- Reducing the consumption of single use plastic products
- Recycling, reusing, and upcycling existing plastic waste
- Dealing with accumulated plastic waste in landfills and the environment
- Changing consumer behaviours, retail and wider business practices to reduce levels of plastic waste and/or increase recycling and re-use
- Implementing alternative business models and optimising supply chains to reduce plastic waste and/or increase recycling and re-use
- Introducing new materials fit for a circular economy or that offer sustainable alternatives to fossil-based plastics

Do you have an idea – big or small – that can help us reduce our plastic waste? Share it with us and apply 4 April at the latest for the 2019 European Social Innovation Competition via the website:

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Dutch entrepreneurs: join us on the Smart Cities trade mission to New York City (12-15 May 2019)!

Ben je actief op het gebied van Smart Cities binnen de thema’s stedelijke mobiliteit, resilience en circulaire economie? En zoek je uitbreiding naar of zakelijke kansen in de regio New York of de Verenigde Staten? Ga dan mee met de innovatiemissie naar New York, georganiseerd door RVO, in samenwerking met Amsterdam, Rotterdam en Eindhoven!

Het doel van de innovatiemissie is de Nederlandse Smart Cities sectoren op de kaart te zetten in het noordoosten van de VS. We zijn specifiek op zoek naar schaalbare projecten (technologische oplossingen die een maatschappelijk probleem adresseren), die te integreren zijn in Amerikaanse steden.

Tijdens het Smart Cities evenement in de VS zoeken we de verbinding met de uitdagingen van de steden aan de Amerikaanse oostkust:
- duurzame stedelijke ontwikkeling
- mitigatie en adaptatie
- verbeteren van mobiliteit
- tegengaan van een groeiende inkomenskloof
- verder werken aan veiligheid en bereikbaarheid.

Het Nederlandse programma is in 3 thema’s verdeeld:
- Circular Economy – mogelijk gemaakt door Amsterdam Trade & Innovate
- Resilience (klimaat, water en energie) – mogelijk gemaakt door Rotterdam Partners
- Smart & Green Urban Mobility – mogelijk gemaakt door Brainport Eindhoven
In alle tracks komen overkoepelende thema’s als civil engagement, cybersecurity en big data aan de orde.

In Nederland zal op donderdag 18 april een kick-off worden georganiseerd. Het programma in New York begint op zondag 12 mei met een receptie. Van 13-15 mei is Nederland aanwezig op de internationale Smart Cities New York conferentie met een nationale booth. Naast de conferentie is er de mogelijkheid om pitches te geven. Ook zijn er - specifiek voor de Nederlandse delegatie - relevante side events zoals workshops, matchmakingsessies, ronde-tafel-bijeenkomsten en een European Tech Night. Ten slotte wordt voor start- en scale-ups een uitgebreid bootcamp programma georganiseerd.

Vicepremier en minister van Binnenlandse Zaken en Koninkrijksrelaties Kajsa Ollongren vertegenwoordigt op een aantal momenten in New York de Nederlandse Smart Cities inzet. De minister onderstreept het belang van een integrale benadering voor de stedelijke planning waarbij data en technologieën op een veilige en democratische manier wordt ingezet.

Henk de Jong (general manager PBLQ) is zakelijk missieleider. Door zijn ervaringen bij o.a de gemeente Amsterdam, adviesbureau CrustYoung in New York en de Nationale Politie zal Henk de Jong u – waar gewenst - adviseren in de ontwikkeling van uw internationale Smart Cities proposities en een verbindende rol spelen in het zoeken van (samenwerkings)partners.

Aanmelden is mogelijk tot 8 april 2019, via RVO selecteert aanmeldingen op basis van aansluiting op de thema’s Circulaire Economie, Resilience en Smart & Green Urban Mobility.

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Laura van den Boogert, Project lead , posted

Sign up now for new Startup in Residence Sustainability incubator!

Startups & scaleups and social enterprises, check out our 2019 sustainability programme and sign up now:

The governmental startup incubator Startup in Residence gives sustainable entrepreneurs the opportunity to collaborate with the local government towards solving 18 sustainable city challenges. The sustainability challenges cover a variety of topics including waste recycling, new energy sources, sustainable sports city, climate-proof city, etc. Add to that, we as a municipality, would like to become more innovative and sustainable. Find the complete list of challenges here: !

Apply for our programme now! We’re looking forward to receiving your applications from February 5th until March 24th 2019!

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Eline Vliegen, Marketing & Communications at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Sluit je aan bij Community of Practice #3 – Circulair inkopen en aanbesteden!

Circulair inkopen vraagt nogal wat. Dat het nodig is, snappen we allemaal. Maar het echt gaan doen betekent dat je echt moet willen. Daarvoor moet je buiten de gebaande paden durven denken en doen. Dat doen we binnen de Communities of Practice Circulair Inkopen en Aanbesteden, waarbij we leren van elkaar!

Op 30 januari start de 3e Community of Practice onder leiding van Boardlid Jacqueline Cramer. Er zijn nog enkele plekken vrij.

Mocht je willen deelnemen, neem dan contact op met Eline Vliegen:

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Robert Praas, Data scientist , posted

Looking for organic waste disposal solutions

Hi! Next week I will be pitching an idea to separate organic waste in student's dorms. The biggest challenge for this process is to have a big container where the organic waste from one or more buildings can be disposed of in the dense city centre, for instance. Do you know about any solutions or do you have a suggestion of your own? I would love to be hearing about it!

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