Sustainable energy is the future. The city of Amsterdam has the ambition to provide every citizen with a solar panel in the next years. How do you contribute? Share your innovative initiatives on energy here.

Mara de Pater, Master Student at Wageningen University and Research, posted

Lucas community is op zoek naar duurzame energieoplossingen om tentoon te stellen

Lucas community is bezig met een Buurtenergiewinkel en heeft ruimte om duurzame energieoplossingen tentoon te stellen. Ook is er ruimte om informatie te delen over zelf energie besparen en/of opwekken. De Buurtenergiewinkel biedt daarnaast de mogelijkheid voor buurtbewoners om samen te werken rondom energie besparing en/of opwekking.

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Annelies Van der Stoep, Strategic advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Do you know anyone who's going to make their home much more energy efficient?

We're about to open up a second round for the European funds for highly ambitious retrofit of residential buildings.

So do you know anyone who's retrofitting (at least a high Energy Label A), let us know, so we can make sure he get's the right info to apply!

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