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Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitaal , posted

Considerations in datavisualisation & Responsible Sensing Lab

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This evening we have:

Thijs Turel is one of the initiators of the Responsible Sensing Lab, a collaboration between Amsterdam and AMS Institute. Goal of the lab is to use public values (such as as a starting point for sensor system development. He will present thoughts on the role of hardware (as opposed to software) in safeguarding public interests and present two project as examples: a millimeter wave sensor for crowdedness sensing trying to push the notion of data minimization a quite a bit further than normally and the ShutterUp project, meant to democratize oversight on cameras in the city by outfitting public cameras with a shutter.

Aurore Paligot, besides her activity as a Data & Analytics Consultant (Positive Thinking Company, Tapp, Sonecom), Aurore Paligot conducts independent research projects on the interface between technology and the humanities. In this presentation, Aurore will propose a reflection on her practices as well as on the place of Data Visualization as an exploratory and reporting tool but also as a privileged point of contact with the public. She will address notions such as data literacy, inclusion, and data modeling, with illustrations from her own projects, the news, and other data visualization designers.

Manon den Dunnen's picture Online event on Nov 18th
Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitaal , posted

Smart shipping @RWS - Waterquality @RIVM & Citizen Science

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Every 3th Wednesday of the month SensemakersAMS hosts speakers, this evening we have:
- Jelmer de Lange, coordinator Scheepvaartinnovaties at Rijkswaterstaat who will share (learnings) from smart shipping initiatives and their experiments on the Amsterdam IJ.
- Arno Hooijboer Projectcoördinator Sensoren Waterkwaliteit at RIVM, will share the new dataportal with (citizen science) air and waterquality data ( and share some insights from their sensing projects.
- Jan Willem Smeenk from Sodaq will share his learnings on the deployment of sensors in the citizen science projects they participate in.

Manon den Dunnen's picture Online event on Oct 21st
Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitaal , posted

Urban object detection and Urban Air Mobility @SensemakersAMS

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Every 3th Wednesday of the month Sensemakers has presentations & discussions about IoT-related subjects.
This evening we have:

Urban Object Detection - Maarten Sukel
Maarten is Lead AI developer at the City of Amsterdamand will share the latest development in using object detection on real-time street level imagery to find issues on city streets, for example garbage, graffiti and broken assets, to allow for an objective gathering of data. Edge computing will help to safeguard privacy of the citizens while still optimizing the livability. Lead AI developer @ City of Amsterdam)

Drones & autonomous vehicles
Jeroen Bartelse, Insuring the 21st century @ Achmea | Business Innovation | EIT Urban Mobility | Amsterdam Drone Week | UAM

You will receive the event-link (Zoom) one day before the event. Presentations usually start at 19.05h & end around 20.30 with "open mic" when you can share your own story/event/question.

Manon den Dunnen's picture Online event on Jul 15th
Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitaal , posted

AmsterJam: Celebrating Raspberry Pi's 8th birthday

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Metis Montessori Lyceum and Sensemakers Amsterdam celebrate the eighth anniversary of the Raspberry Pi with an AmsterJam. Anyone who is a Raspberry Pi fan or wants to know more about this super nice little computer is welcome. Do you have something to show? Do you want to present something or can you give a nice workshop, please let us know.

We are still busy completing the program, so if you have ideas, don't hesitate to contact us!

Manon den Dunnen's picture Event on Mar 7th
Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitaal , posted

Digital Twins; cities, neighbourhoods & Rail-infra

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This evening we will have three practical perspectives & applications of "digital twins":
- Tanguy Coenen from Imec will share their insights and best practises within the Digital Twin City of Antwerpen
- Marcel Gerrits & Paul Kootwijk on practical applications of IoT and AI to help ProRail manage themaintenance, safety & security of the railwail infrastructure
- Tom van Arman from CITYXL & TAPP on the digital twin of the Marineterrein

Manon den Dunnen's picture Event on Feb 19th