DO worry, be happy: What's fake? What's news?

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Did you know that eminent members of the US democratic party are participating in one of the biggest pedophilia network of the US under the cover of a pizzeria? Or have you hear that Dutch member of parliament Alexander Pechtold has demonstrated alongside Hamas terrorists? No?! The might be because this was fake news. News fabricated to influence public opinion.

During this evening, you will learn how to deal with the phenomenon of fake news. Although not recent, fake news is gaining resonance thanks to the social media allowing rapid and worldwide spread. A glance at anyone’s social media page demonstrates how much many of us still struggle to identify it.

To tackle this issue, Waag invites various people looking into fake news, each in their own way. The evening will consist of talks, a workshop and discussions for the audience to gain a solid understanding but also getting some tips to identify and avoid fake news.

19:30-20:00 Doors open
20:00-20:10 Introduction
20:10-20:25 What is fake news? Speaker TBA
20:25-20:45 Case Study by Amir Ebrahimi Fard, TU Delft
20:45-21:45 Workshop by Alexander Pleijter, Leiden University
21:45-22:00 Discussion

About DO worry, be happy
This even is part of the series DO worry, be happy in which we talk to experts in the field of technology, innovation and ethics about new developments. Do we have to be worried about how technology will shape the future? How do we keep control? DO Worry, but be happy!