Lecture by Valerie von der Tann

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The Amsterdam Agenda, a lecture series by the Academy of Architecture, invites special guests with international perspectives to present their best practices. What can Amsterdam learn from cities like New York, Paris, Shanghai or Istanbul? This evening Valerie von der Tann, senior associate at the Berlin office of McKinsey & Company and specialized in smart cities, will talk about the massive impact of the fast pace digitization on the urban environment.

Curated and moderated by:
Daan Roggeveen
co-Founder, MORE Architecture and editor Progress & Prosperity

Michiel Hulshof
Co-founder Tertium

Smart cities
Are smart cities finally on the brink of getting smarter? After a decade of trial and error, the smart city movement is gaining fresh momentum and a sharper focus on the day-to-day priorities of citizens. Municipal leaders are learning how to harness technology and data to make better decisions, respond to fluid situations, plan for the future, and deliver a better overall quality of life. New research from the McKinsey Global Institute evaluates the progress already made in 50 cities around the world. It also looks ahead to estimate the scale of improvement cities could achieve in security, mobility, the environment, health, and other aspects of urban life if they deploy a range of smart technologies effectively. Cities concentrate societal and environmental problems, but they are also laboratories for solutions—and they have the ability to shape the digital future.

Valerie von der Tann
Valerie von der Tann is a senior associate at the Berlin office of McKinsey & Company, where she focuses on digital transformations, mainly in the industrial and transport/infrastructure sectors. Her prior work experience includes internships with the German Embassy in Washington, DC, Booz & Company and the German parliament. Valerie holds a master in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School, where she was a McCloy Fellow, as well as a bachelor’s degree in economics and international affairs from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. During her master’s, she worked on internet governance, data security and privacy, and the digital economy. Valerie is co-founder and program director of the non-profit Mentor Me India, which matches children from low-income communities in India with local mentors.