A few more tickets left/ Creating a greener Amsterdam, and what we can learn from London.

On Wednesday 16th of May when we host an evening with inspiring stories about London National Park City, Gewildgroei and Midwest Amsterdam. We also kick-off a special campaign made by Nature Desks to map all the green places and spaces in the city.

- key note speaker: Guerrilla Photographer and NatGeo Explorer and campaigner Daniel Raven - Ellison tells the great story of a bold campaign: London becoming the first National Park City in the world.
- co-owner of Gewildgroei Bennie Meek will share the story of the Living Pavements, and will convey their view on the role of spontaneous vegetation in public spaces.
- artist and city ecologist Theun Karelse tells the story of unique public garden - proefstation Midwest - he and a team of specialists have created, where people can meet, relax, work and learn.

Join us, share your ideas, be inspired and ask your questions.
Dare to think differently.

Date: Wednesday 16 May 2018
Location: Midwest, Cabralstraat 1 Amsterdam
Time: 18:30 - 21:00
Your host: city expert Rupert Parker Brady


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