Amsterdam park city

London decided to becom a park city.

Where can I start a dialogue to make Amsterdam more green?


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Ioana Biris

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Good evening all,
Please save the date: Wednesday 16.05.2018. Daniel Raven-Ellison will come to Amsterdam to share his passion for the #urbangreen and to tell the inspiring story of London becoming the world's first National Park City.
More information about the complete programme and other speakers will be announced soon.

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Tanja van der Knoop

Thanks for the mention, @cornelia !
@timruijters , at Green City Buzz we're showcasing how we can future-proof the existing built environment, through greening, sustainability and placemaking. We've started with a two-year project in central Amsterdam, with strategic greening as a first step. Do get in touch if you'd like to know more about our project!

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Ioana Biris

Good morning everyone,
we are following and are in contact with Daniel and his team. It's really amazing and inspiring to see London becoming the first National Park City. Last year we simultaneously walked with him our own #walkaroundAmsterdam? Why:

But he is coming to tell his story to the Netherlands.

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Tim Ruijters

Wauw! Good to read that there are already a lot of initiatives. Is it possible to participate in these initiatives online? If yes, what help do you need?