Looking for thesis research topics on smart cities

Hi to all members of the community,

I have been following what people are talking around here and the more I read, the more I want to contribute in a way to help the development of smart cities knowledge.

As a short intro about myself, next year I'm going to be in the fourth and last year of my bachelor called "Business Innovation" in Amsterdam. I have a desire to do a research that focuses on the greater society and solving issues for people/planet, and I believe smart cities can offer that.

To be clear, I am not interested in doing research for i.e. "best practices inside a company to develop x,y,z"; but looking for topics such as "How will people's life change in the next 20 years in cities because of high migration number, and how smart cities can help?"

I would like to ask the community's suggestions to what are, in your opinion, important research topics worth of digging in; and secondly, if you know a company that might need me.

Key words: smart grids, renewable energy, blockchain, IoT, transportation, community, sharing economy, citizens empowerment; government; buildings; circular economy;

I'm very curious what you have on your mind, so please share it with me. Thank you!

Best regards,


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Darren Bates

Tudor -- A global mandate has emerged calling for municipalities to design and build Smart Cities for human diversity and social inclusion. Smart Cities that incorporate accessibility and inclusion into public policy and practice are at the frontline of innovation and social equity. As such "People-Centric Urban Design" ---Smart Cities that ensure no citizen will be left behind or excluded becasue of the lightening pace of Smart tech and onnovation -<------------Focus on Accesible and Inclusive Smart City Strategies -- you may want to visit https://www.darrenbatesllc/smartcitieslibray/ Best Darren

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Ioana Biris

@tudormihai thanks. And good luck. Keep us posted.

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Tudor Mihai

@ioanabiris , cool initiative and thank you for sharing this with me! I'm happy to see that Cluj is experiencing such projects brought from a Western mentality.
@timlommerse , thanks for this idea, I will get in contact with Rik, I'm sure we'll have good topics to discuss about. Space will be indeed something to worry about, especially in a relatively small and dense city like Amsterdam :)

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Ioana Biris

Interesting! We - at Nature Desks - are curious how cities will balance the growth - wellbeing balance if we talk about the 'working' population. There comes a generation out there that thinks and acts differently. A generation of "employees" and freelancers with other needs, being less loyal and more demanding. These men and woman form a more mobile and independent generation. This new mentality must be seen in the context of growing urbanisation. Policy makers and organisations need to be prepared to cater for the people who live and work in their cities. More and more voices are urging town municipalities to invest in a natural infrastructure. A "green" city is a must. http://www.naturedesks.com/blog/amsterdam-frontrunner-in-revamping-urban-green Good luck, Ioana


Hi Tudor!
Sounds very interesting. We think that "spaces" will be one of the biggest challenges of the future city. How will we get the most from the available square meters?
That is why we are developing the first virtual storage space for the Netherlands, a virtual basement if you will. We are, therefore, very involved with sustainable trainsportation and exploitation of real estate.
I forwarded your request to my employer and he would like to get in touch to discuss wheter we would be the right fit for you. Could you drop him a message at rik@inboxstorage.eu?
Maybe I'll see you around :)