Theaterfestival de Parade on 100% renewable energy in Amsterdam

This august, theaterfestival de Parade will say goodbye to diesel-powered generators, and will switch to renewable energy! A fully renewable energy supply is realized by making use of new fixed power supply on the grid. With this measure, more than 100 metric tonnes of CO2 emmissions will be prevented each year, when De Parade sets foot in the Martin Luther Kingpark in Amsterdam Zuid.

This project is not only unique in the fact that de Parade is the first large festival in Amsterdam which does not rely on diesel generators. Very rare is the fact that the initiative lies with the organization of de Parade itself. This shows that a bottom-up approach can be very effective in making festivals more renewable, on top of a financially attractive solution!

Nils Mevius of Theaterfestival de Parade says: “I had expected to reach more results in five year in trying to organize green energy for de Parade. The number of stakeholders showed to be bigger, and the process slower than expected. Also the underlying technology showed to be more complex than we initially thought. Locol managed to complete this project in 7 (!) months, including help with financing. They are knowledgeable, efficient, and very kind. If had few cooperations with external parties as pleasant as this one, and rarely with such a high yield, both in reaching our sustainable goals and lowering cost.”