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In anticipation of the keynote from Bas Boorsma at the Amsterdam Smart City new year's meetup on the 23rd of January, we would like to give you the opportunity to propose a question for him!

In anticipation of the keynote from Bas Boorsma at the Amsterdam Smart City new year's meetup on the 23rd of January, we would like to give you the opportunity to propose a question for him!

Bas Boorsma is an expert on smart city developments and has a broad experience with the topic. He joined Cisco in 2007 as the company embarked in earnest on its community digitalization journey. He has taken up various global and regional roles at Cisco since, leading thought-leadership efforts, community digitalization and Internet of Things portfolios. Prior to joining Cisco, he founded and managed two companies, and led a global network of smart communities. Bas has been educated as a historian, and works in the present with the future as his canvas.

He is author of the book A New Digital Deal: Beyond smart cities. How to best leverage digitalization for the benefit of our communities? The book describes 20 building blocks necessary to ensure that communities will benefit from digitalization instead of other more negative future scenarios.

What do you think the future of digitalization will bring? And do you have any questions you want to ask Bas Boorsma?

Let us know in a comment below, and tag people (use @ + name) that have interesting ideas.

We hope to see you at the new year's meetup. Otherwise:

We will livestream his speech on our Facebook page around 17:15 local time.




@asc We had the exvhange on the topuc at the event itself. Happy to continue the conversation with Giovanni!


@blaiseturnbull Many answers are possible. To me, it starts out with education. Education of people that shape up the current work force, but also the people at school today. Inclusion should be the explicit goal of any digitization agenda, and it starts out with education that is geared towards the future we are already experiencing...


@leonardodeabreuladeira great to hear from you again! I think the point of departure for Curacao should not be Amsterdam or what Amsterdam SC has done or is doing. The starting point should be Curacao. What are the island's positive differentiators and challenges, what is the vision for the community for, say 2030, reverse engineer what it takes to get there, and THEN look for examples that apply...


@fransantonvermast Actually not that much. More physical infrastructure, and a lot of mobile phones ;-)

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Blaise Turnbull

How do you envisage the role of co-creation to play out in the New Digital Deal? How do we ensure the pursuit of the smart/digital/sensorized/ubiquitous/wise city stays in touch with the desires of ALL citizens?

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Leonardo de Abreu Ladeira

Hi Bas. I want to thank you again for participating in our Smart Nation conference in Curacao two years ago. Question: What can we do to engage and collaborate with Smart City Amsterdam from the Caribbean? How can we be of value added to the Smart City of Amsterdam? What are the Amsterdam City projects that we can benefit from in Curacao? Let's explore the opportunities ...

Amsterdam Smart City's picture
Amsterdam Smart City

A new question on Twitter just came in: @giovannistijnen from NEMO Kennislink / NEMO Amsterdam asks the following: 'We are developing public engagement programs on Smart Cities. What role should creative and public institutes such as NEMO play in the New Digital Deal?'

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Frans-Anton Vermast

Question for Bas: “last weeks you were back in Thailand and the region after more than 20 years. What was the most impressive progress you have seen and what is the role of digitasation / digitalisationin this progress?”