Pitch your initiative for a responsible digital city

Our daily and urban live is more and more driven by digital innovations. Technology will make are cities greener, healthier and smarter. But there are also some important questions left unanswered. Should we control data and the use of algorithms? How do we organize digital trust? Will everybody benefit from the digital society?

The Amsterdam Economic Board will launch the manifesto 'responsible digital cities' on october 31st to start this discussion. During this event we offer a few spots for startups, pilots or other initiatives to pitch ideas that contribute to a responsible digital city (a.o. transparant, inclusive, accountable). Are you working on a great idea and would like to showcase this? Then contact me at w.koeman@amecboard.com

Do you think this is smart?


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Nancy Zikken

@tomdemeyer you will certainly have ideas about this!

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Nancy Zikken

@mariejoshoefmans is this interesting for you?


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