Residential Living Labs

Our company is establishing residential living labs for special user groups or mixed use on temporary or permanent locations. While testing, improving and applying innovation in circular construction, energy, IoT, social participation we improve urban livability and residential living. We cooperate with cities, universities, organisations and direct and indirect involved users/inhabitants.

If your city, university or organisation is interested to participate in this program, please contact, initiator of the International Residential Living Lab where data of different residentials living labs lead the way to the future of residential living and housing. If you like to become engaged on a personal level, please indicate your background and motivation.


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Beate Bouwman

We are actually now setting up the umbrella organization International Residential Living Lab in form of a foundation coordinating local Residential Living Labs. One is under development in Amsterdam where circular economy, technology & innovation as well as community participation is brought together to work on ' quality housing made affordable by technology & innovation'. It is a system approach where IoT, circular design & construction, biobased materials and social connectivity are essential integrated parts. The collected data from monitoring and evaluation processes will be used for further development of circular & social housing. Collaboration with the city of Amsterdam next to researchers and educational institutions would be of great advantage and is very much welcome. Also, the housing solution has an urban living room included and therefore we are still looking for organizations or individuals interested in cooperating on this (officially we need a 'horeca' partner). If there is any chance to discuss this with you to get in touch with other organizations or individuals, we would more than appreciate it. Of course, anybody is very welcome to contact us via

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Beate, thanks for your question! Can you be a little bit more specific about the program? Then we might be able to connect you the right people!