Smart City Thesis

Hey everyone,
I'm in my last semester right now and I'm supposed to submit a Master's Thesis by February. I have always been interested with everything regarding smart cities. Previously, I had done sort of a mini thesis if you will, on the awareness among citizens about smart cities and how they can be involved more in the planning and development of such cities and not just solely focusing on the technology aspect. I would like to further explore how people from different cultures think differently and basically have different mindsets and opinions about smart cities. Would like to know from the people over here if this is a good topic to pursue and/or if you have suggestions for any other topic in the same field I could do.

Thank you.


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Asad Hussain Syed

Hello Anyi,
Thank you for response. Throughout the course of my Master's I've really been fascinated with these culture differences sometimes tiny and sometimes not so. I hope I can make good use of this in this thesis and thank your advice and taking the time out to comment! :)

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Anyi Marcela Ortega Manosalva

Hi Asad, the Smart Cities topic has a lot of in which work. I am a Latin American citizen, to be more specific, from Colombia, and definitely, the way as we think or visualize and smart city is quite different as a European or Asiatic citizen can perceive it. For instance, here, It's not very common found a city with free wifi or found all the neighborhoods with proper lighting, among other things. So thinking in real projects to become a Latin American city in a smart city, could be, for example, improve the communication between different sectors in order to reduce the loss in crops and at the same time the scarce of this product in other departments or cities.
I think the idea you have could be very interesting and useful as a KPIs guide to future projects that bring the new era of smart cities to Latin America, so good luck :D

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Hugo Santillan

Greetings Assad,

I did my master's course in Scotland regarding the transition of Glasgow into a smart city. My approach was on the discourse of the council to promote active travel as one of the pillars to become a smart city. Please find me on LinkedIn to find new approaches for your thesis.