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Daniela Guzun, Events Manager , posted

Expertise Day- All the advice you need to Ai-ccelerate!

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Expertise Day: All the advice you need to AI-ccelerate. For startups, entrepreneurs, aspiring founders. For the AI community!

🗓 On December 9, Hyperion Lab and Women in AI Netherlands bring you all the experts you need to build and accelerate your AI#HPC, or deeplearning startup for one whole day!

📝 Subsidies, cloud computing, sales, investment readiness, startup enablement, IP law, hiring, community building, you name it!

🧑🏾‍💻 👩🏻‍💻Learn from experts such as Sanin Saracevic from Maestral Solutions, Inc.Maarten Robbers from Ugoo B.V.David Power from EscherCloudMaurice Beckand Verwee from Curiosity, Kyra Dresen from Volta VenturesMargriet Larmit from ROM InWest, Holger Seitz from EP&C, Michael Koenka from Koenka & PartnersOliviana Bailey from Women in AI Netherlands & EscherCloud.

Register your online or offline attendance for any of the sessions.

Daniela Guzun's picture Masterclass / workshop on Dec 9th
Daniela Guzun, Events Manager , posted

fAiL Day - learn how to succeed better

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You are invited to join the Hyperion Lab Community of AI & HPC startups, experts, innovators for the fAiL Day on November 18th to learn how to succeed better.

Time& place:
November 18, 2-6pm
Hyperion Lab HQ: Laarderhoogtweg 18, 1101 EA Amsterdam

The event is formatted in a "fishbowl" discussion with 4 pre-selected speakers, a moderator, and an open seat for other participants to actively join the conversation.
All other participants are seated in the outer circle(s) to listen and observe.

Topics will include “So your pilot worked, but implementation failed” and “So you want to implement AI, but…” with confirmed AI leaders and businesses managers like Jörgen Sandig, ex CEO of Scyfer; Kary Chen, Corporate Innovation Risk Officer at ING; and

Each topic will have 30 minutes and a 10 minute break in between for coffee, snacks and networking. The fishbowl discussions will end at 17:00 and all participants are welcome to stay for networking and drinks.

Who to expect
An intimate group of 40 participants ranging from corporate innovation managers, data scientists, AI experts, AI startups, and business transformation leaders.

If you want to attend, share your interest at https://events.hyperionlab.nl/failday, and the Lab team will confirm your participation.

Daniela Guzun's picture Meet-up on Nov 18th
Daniela Guzun, Events Manager , posted

CASSINI Hackathon Netherlands: Digiting Green Spaces

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Do you have an innovative idea to solve the challenge in digitizing green spaces? Are you thinking of starting your own company? Have you already started working on your green idea and need help to build it? Then get your friends and network to join you at the CASSINI Hackathon Netherlands.

How does one Hack at a Hackaton?
Hacking is creative problem-solving. We all know that there are so many potential applications for Artificial Intelligence. This hackathon is about coming up with creative solutions using AI. However, it’s only a weekend, so don’t worry about building that complex AI algorithm or even knowing the full extent of AI. Our experts are here to collaborate with you on creative solutions using this technology.

What's in it for you?

- Be taught by the top trainers in the Netherlands on Design Thinking and Pitching
- Receive unlimited support from facilitators and industry experts throughout the entire weekend
- Gain exclusive access to data points from the European Space Agency
- Test on NVIDIA grade technologies like A100s and Omniverse with the support of their experts
- We have got you covered with uber eats vouchers to keep you full and healthy
- Win exciting prizes!

Registrate now

Note from ASC: Are you in? Drop a like.

Daniela Guzun's picture Online event on Jun 18th
Daniela Guzun, Events Manager , posted

Product Up: The Startup and Scaleup Conference 🇳🇱

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Product Up is a free online conference that is here to help you get the knowledge on what it takes to launch and grow your business! ➡️ https://bit.ly/SC-ProductUp2020

On October 29–30, find out what it means to find the perfect product, engage a buying audience, recruit the team to make it happen and go global, all at Product Up!

Product Up isn't your standard online conference. We want to bring the theatre to YOU and teleport you to a real offline conference atmosphere from the comfort of your own home!

Be a part of our debut on the largest stage and screen in Amsterdam and witness talks, real keynotes, and authentic fireside chats with the greatest entrepreneurial minds on the Dutch and international markets.

We’ll have talks from leaders from Deliveroo, Polarsteps, Picnic, NewMotion, GrowthTribe, What3words, WeAreKeen, PRLab, and many more! Check the lineup at http://bit.ly/ProductUpConferenceLineup

Product Up is your conference, no matter your background or skills, this is the growth event for you!

Daniela Guzun's picture Online event from Oct 29th to Oct 30th