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Karolina Sawicka, Business Developer & Innovator at Spatial Experience, posted

Is urban living going to last? What are the alternatives?

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“Remote Work & Stay: modern living solutions beyond urban spaces” - a publication by Spatial Experience gathers valuable insights and perspectives from industry experts in the emerging Remote Work & Stay sector. More and more workers are packing their laptops and moving towards a more flexible way of living and working, now craving for spaces that provide them with new experiences and catered environments that enable personal growth. But are there places that meet their needs properly? In this publication, we dive deep into the drivers of remote work & stay, the innovative living solutions beyond the cities, the technology behind them, and much more. Click the Link below now and get your free copy!


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Karolina Sawicka, Business Developer & Innovator at Spatial Experience, posted

Coliving Awards Winners announced, and there are a few from Amsterdam!

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On Thursday 6th of May, 2021, Coliving Awards, the first-ever ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators and ideas in the coliving industry, hosted final ceremony and revealed the winners in 11 categories. Among the awarded projects, there are a few also from Amsterdam!

Coliving Insights partnered up with Coliving Awards to co-create a Special Edition highlighting the winners, finalists, honourable mentions, jury panel, partners and other contributors of the first edition of the Coliving Awards, and diving into the reasons behind the success of each project as well as showcases the best practices of the sector.  You can learn more about the winners in the publication:

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Karolina Sawicka, Business Developer & Innovator at Spatial Experience, posted

The gap in Digital Transformation 

The amount of PropTech startups is rising quickly, however it seems that many real estate businesses still struggle with an effective adaptation of technological solutions.

Together with Spatial Experience, we are conducting a research to understand the gap between PropTech solution providers and the needs of real estate operators/ developers.

Are you a PropTech provider or a real estate operator/ developer? Do you have 10 minutes to share your experience in providing/ adapting technological solution? It takes only one survey or an online interview to do so. There is no need to prepare in advance, only answer the questions from your perspective.

If you are willing to participate please leave a comment or send an email (karolina.sawicka@spatial-experience.com) and we will take it from there.

This is an initiative of Spatial Experience - innovation hub for specialist real estate sectors.

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Karolina Sawicka, Business Developer & Innovator at Spatial Experience, posted

Open Call for Innovative Concepts for emerging real estate

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Have you developed a promising concept that can transform emerging real estate?
Are you working on an idea and looking for support on your way to success? Discover how we can jointly build impactful ventures.

SPX Studio is the first Venture Builder aimed at solving challenges of emerging real estate sectors. We grow concepts into scalable solutions.

We invest selected resources into processes that nourish the growth of valuable companies. From the early stage, we collaborate to co-create experience-driven operating systems for a shared living (e.g. student housing, coliving among others) and mixed-use concepts, enhanced by technology.

Joining forces, we are enabled to deliver high-level business performance, learn from each other and evolve together. SPX Studio's objective is to establish long-lasting partnerships and convert them into profitable business ventures. We are helping promising entrepreneurs and start-ups to achieve their potential, while also growing with them.

We empower sustainable transformations within cities and communities while enabling innovation in the real estate industry. If you would like to learn more about SPX Studio, visit our web page (https://www.spatial-experience.com/spx-studio) or read the article about the launch in the third edition of Coliving Insights (https://www.spatial-experience.com/spx-lab/publications/coliving-insights-no3-q4-2020).

Are you a tech enabler, a think-tank or a visionary real estate investor? Get in touch to discover ways to collaborate through the email: venture@spatial-experience.com

About SPX:
Spatial Experience (SPX) is an innovation hub working in the intersection of design, technology and research to shape the future of living. Through a 360 approach, SPX drives impact in real estate by the work of three pillars: SPX Agency, which provides Branding & Marketing Creative Solutions to real estate brands; SPX Lab, a Research & Development platform exploring future development; and SPX Studio, our own Start-up Studio bridging the digital and real world.

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Karolina Sawicka, Business Developer & Innovator at Spatial Experience, posted

Repurpose hotel assets into a shared living experience

Many hotels are shutting down (partially or completely) due to the corona crisis. In Amsterdam, city that thrives on tourism, it is a cause of great economical loss. However, what if hotel managers would start thinking of repurposing their hotel assets into a living model that can guarantee a more stable revenue in the upcoming years, as the population of students and the mobility of young professionals is projected to continue to grow?

At SPX we are constantly researching alternative future living. If you are interested how to survive this crisis as a hotel owner, you can read more about this topic here: https://spatial-experience.com/spx-lab-article/how-to-repurpose-hotel-assets-into-a-shared-living-experience

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