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Jacqueline Kim, Student at UC Berkeley , posted

Data Science Student Opportunities


I am a fourth year student at UC Berkeley studying data science and sustainable design. I currently live in Berkeley, California but am taking some time off to live in Amsterdam from January 2022 - May 2022. I am interested in volunteer/part-time work opportunities in data analytics for smart cities, given Amsterdam's impressive internet of things ecosystem. I am a motivated, hard worker with the ability to learn new things quickly, and am curious about many topics. Please let me know if there are any positions that are open to a person in my position, thank you!

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Speakers confirmed for event ‘Data Centres: Taking the Bitter with the Sweet’!

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On the 28th of October, Amsterdam Smart City, together with the Province of North Holland and Datalab, will discuss the costs and benefits of accommodating data centres, the complexity of the weighing of these aspects, and how future policies could manage these. We will put the complexity in an international perspective.

Why would you need data centers in your region? What are reasons to refuse them on territories? What are the dilemmas and how do cities in Europe deal with this? We can now confirm the speakers for the event!

Wout Rensink – Province of North Holland
The Province of North Holland is developing a policy on data centres, with which they try to take a first step in minimizing the impact of data centres. The Province ensures that data centres generate their own sustainable energy, the residual heat (in the environment) is used, circular design is applied in the development of buildings which blend into the landscape and that the data centres are leaders in terms of energy and innovation. The man for the job? Wout Rensink! He is the Province’s policy advisor who will try and achieve these goals with other governmental institutions and the industry itself.

Thomas Moran – techUK
Beside his job as the Senior Lead Technology Strategist for Lumen, Thomas is the vice chair of the Climate Strategy and Resilience Council for techUK, which is the largest European trade group representing the technology industry. They support the UK national, regional and local governments in formulating policy around all things technology related, including data centres and infrastructure. He will provide us with the point of view and insights from another part of the FLAP-region: London.

Daan Terpstra – SDI Alliance
After years of working on sustainable energy projects at Vattenfall, Daan Terpstra has joined SDI Alliance last year to try and move the digital infrastructure sector to sustainability by 2030. As the new Director of Policy and Regulatory Affairs, Daan can provide a view on future international digital infrastructure policies in Europe. SDI Alliance has derived a number of fundamental positions, beliefs and principles with which they hope to ensure the development of a vibrant European digital economy, without consuming unsustainable levels of resources.

The session will be moderated by Jeroen Sipman from Amsterdam Smart City.

Join this session of Data Dilemmas on the 28th of October, join the discussion and learn from an international audience!

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Manon den Dunnen, Strategisch specialist digitale transformatie , posted

Digital Twins & Asset tracking

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2 great speakers at Sensemakers'monthly meetup;

- Armando Lucrecio (Sr. TechnIcal Program Manager @Amazon) on indoor and outdoor asset tracking;
- Aris Witteborg (Leading Professional Digital Smart Water at Royal HaskoningDHV Digital) on Digital Twins

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

International Data Dilemmas - Data Centres: Taking the Bitter with the Sweet

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The digitization of our society produces an exponentially increasing amount of data, which causes an increased need for data centres and connectivity. In 2030, there is expected to see a twenty-fold increase in data traffic, consuming 5% of worldwide electricity at that point. A recent report in the Netherlands has shown quite some hesitance on whether or not the foreseen rise in data centres in The Netherlands is the right way to go.

Some say data centres take up precious space, require quite some of our (green) energy and (drinking) water, and they would not create much direct employment either. The report showed that the connectivity and availability of data centres in The Netherlands at this moment would suffice for the Dutch market, as it only uses about a third of their capacity.

Critics were quick to respond and argued the economic value of accommodating data centres for big data-driven industries. Not only the economic value of high-connectivity data centres is worth mentioning, but also the security and ownership of our (European) data is a factor worth mentioning. While the demand for connectivity and data use is rising, it is necessary to prepare for decision making that takes these aspects into account. And the Netherlands, of course, is not the only country to have to do so!

In this international session of Data Dilemmas we invite you to talk about the costs and benefits of accommodating data centres, the complexity of the weighing of these aspects, and how future policies could manage these.

Program: Online event
Date: 28th of October 2021
Language: English

15.50: Digital walk-in
16.00 – 16.05: Introduction by Amsterdam Smart City & Datalab
16.05 – 16.10: Introduction to challenge
16.10 – 17.00: Presentations + Q&A
17.00 – 17.20: Plenary discussion and wrap-up


  • Wout Rensink (Province of Noord-Holland)
  • Thomas Moran (techUK)
  • Daan Terpstra (SDI Alliance)

***About the Data Dilemmas series***
The increasing need for data centres shows the speed at which the digitalization of our environment is growing, as the possibilities of using data and new technologies to address big transitional challenges are endless. We use the data to make cities safer, cleaner and more accessible. But do we really need the data in all cases? What happens to all the data that is collected? Which choices did people make and why? Which dilemmas can be encountered? These questions are important for everyone; for governments, knowledge institutions, residents and companies. Amsterdam Smart City likes to explore with you which decisions are needed for responsible use of data. Data Dilemmas is a collaboration between Amsterdam Smart City and the City of Amsterdam’s Datalab.

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Joppe van Driel, Circular economy at AMS Institute, posted

Vacature AMS: programma ontwikkelaar "De Ideale Monitor"

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Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) zoekt een programma ontwikkelaar met passie voor duurzaamheid & data. Een verbinder, die mensen en inhoud kan samenbrengen, en onderzoek kan koppelen aan maatschappij.

Wil jij bijdragen aan het ontwikkelen van de monitoring en sturing van de duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen van Amsterdam, en wil je opereren op het snijvlak van beleid, maatschappij en data-gedreven onderzoek?

AMS Institute werkt samen met de gemeente Amsterdam en andere partners in de MRA aan het monitoren en meten van de verschillende duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen van de stad. Denk aan energietransitie, circulaire economie, klimaatadaptatie, mobiliteit, donuteconomie. Het AMS Institute en de gemeente slaan de handen in elkaar om alle doelen, indicatoren en projecten in kaart te brengen, hun vooruitgang te meten en te identificeren waar de grootste potenties tot verbetering zitten.

Wij zoeken een ambitieuze en proactieve projectleider om dit meerjarig programma te leiden. Je werkt mee aan een van de grootste en vooruitstrevende initiatieven op het gebied van monitoring en sturing van de duurzame stad; een mooie kans om impact te maken.

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FLOOR HvA, Marketing en Communicatie van FLOOR Cultureel Platform HvA at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Digitaliseringspubquiz met Marleen Stikker

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Welke Trump-tweet is echt en welke is nep? Hoeveel MB aan datasporen laten we per persoon dagelijks achter? En herken jij de deepfake-video? Dit soort vragen komen voorbij bij de digitaliseringspubquiz op donderdag 7 oktober. Een uur lang testen we jouw kennis over jouw digitale leven. En zoals het bij een pubquiz hoort: de bar is open (voor een gratis drankje).

Speel mee met de grote digitaliseringsquiz op donderdag 7 oktober! Kunstenaar Roos Groothuizen ontwerpt speciaal voor FLOOR een pubquiz met allerlei vragen over je digitale leven, social media, privacy en meer. Dus ben jij die tech-savvy eindbaas en denk je deze quiz met gemak uit te kunnen spelen, of ben je nog maar bij level 1 en heb je nog wel wat digital skills op te doen? Meld je dan snel aan! En o ja, Marleen Stikker - HvA Professor of Practice the all seeing eye voor digitalisering – kijkt toe.

Hoe werkt het?

Bemachtig snel een plekje door je aan te melden via onderstaand formulier. Tijdens de quiz speelt iedereen in feite netjes alleen. Maar vals spelen mag! Dus wil je als team meespelen, zorg dan dat iedereen zich aanmeldt via het formulier. Kom op de dag zelf op tijd, bemachtig een tafeltje met je team en sleep die digiprijzen in de wacht!


16:00 – 16:30 Inloop en registratie
16:30 – 16:40 Introductie van Marleen Stikker
16:40 – 17:25 Quiz
17:25 – 17:30 Prijsuitreiking
17:30 – 18:00 Borrel

Toegang is gratis, meld je aan via de link hieronder.

Masterclass / workshop on Oct 7th
Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Sign up for the Dutch trade mission to the Smart City Expo in Barcelona

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Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) is the international leading event for cities held in Barcelona since 2011. The mission is to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe. Through promoting social innovation, establishing partnerships and identifying business opportunities, the event is dedicated to creating a better future for cities and their citizens.

The Netherlands will join the Expo with a trade mission. Dutch companies working in the smart city field are welcome to join a business event with The Nordics, get a role in the program on the Expo, contribute to matchmaking events and join a big amount of other side events!

Be quick and sign up for this trade mission before the 7th of October!

Not a company, but planning to go to Barcelona for knowledge exchange, inspiration and networking? Let us know! There will be programs for non-companies as well!

More information about the Smart City Expo: https://www.smartcityexpo.com/the-event/
More information about the Dutch trade mission to the Smart City Expo: https://www.rvo.nl/actueel/evenementen/smart-city-missie-naar-smart-city-expo-world-congress-barcelona

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Beth Njeri, Digital Communications Manager at Metabolic, posted

How the public sector can use DLTs for good

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Distributed Ledger Technologies have a lot of potential "as a visible tool that improves the lives of citizens and their communities" and the focus should be on the concrete problems that the public sector faces in delivering services to citizens

“You’re going to have to say, it improves mobility, it improves the fight against climate change, affordable housing, a better city, better participation. It’s not going to be about DLTs.” - Francesca Bria, president of the Italian National Innovation Fund

Metabolic concluded the DLT4EU program in May with the goal to drive innovation in the public sector by connecting the expertise of top-notch entrepreneurs with real-world problems, to create new solutions.

Learn more from the link below.

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Naomi van Stralen, Msc Student Industrial Design Engineering at University of Twente, posted

Data Transparency in Public Space

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Amsterdam, the Netherlands (and virtually) October 6-7

Cities have increasingly been collecting and analyzing data generated from sensors in public space. This conference will explore how data collecting capabilities and uses are made available (and understandable) to the general public.

AMS Institute’s Responsible Sensing Lab and the NWO funded research group BRIDE (BRIdging Data in the built Environment) are coming together to co-host a conference on data transparency in public space.

Scholars, legal experts, city planners, citizens, data scientists, and students will come together to better understand:

  1. The global legal status of data transparency in public space
  2. How data transparency works in practice
  3. Prototypes and ideas for the future based on the needs of the general public and corporate/governmental stakeholders.

Interested in attending?
Get your tickets at: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/data-transparency-in-public-space-tickets-166607410249

Keynote speakers

Beryl Dreijer - Amsterdam Privacy Officer

Alec Shuldiner - Autodesk Data Ethics Lead

Thijs Turèl - AMS Program Manager Responsible Urban Digitalization


Planned workshops and times. Scheduling is still subject to change. It is possible to attend multiple workshops.

Digital Trust for Places and Routines (DTPR) - Enabling greater transparency and civic dialogue on the use of digital technologies in the built environment. October 6, afternoon

Discover the smart sensors of Amsterdam - and beyond, when joining virtually. October 6, afternoon

Over the wall designing - Explore what smart objects mean to different groups of people through completing a design process from different perspectives. October 7, afternoon

For more information about the speakers and workshops go to:

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NEMO Science Museum, posted

Event: Privacycafé

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Wat zijn de beste privacy-instellingen voor jouw apparaten? Hoe onthoud je al je wachtwoorden? En wat zijn de beste trucs om zo min mogelijke persoonlijke data te delen? In deze workshop ontdek je hoe je je eigen smartphone of laptop instelt zodat je privacy zo goed mogelijk gewaarborgd blijft.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Meet-up on Oct 2nd
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Exhibition: Bits of You

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Exhibition: Bits of You

The Studio presents the Bits of You exhibition. This new exhibition, which is intended for adult audiences, conveys a sense of how our lives are being impacted by the data traces we leave behind each and every day. It also shows how this differs from one person to another.

Step by step, the exhibition’s six pavilions will give you a sense of how our data is processed by algorithms to generate a range of predictions about our identity and behaviour. Immerse yourself in a vortex of data rings, browse through a gender recognition algorithm, develop a feel for the subtle impact of digital profiles, and get a glimpse of a data-driven future. Encounter ten people who each describe a different data experience, then ask yourself ‘Do I really resemble my digital profile?’.

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NEMO Science Museum, posted

Event: Big Data Casino

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Geef je meer om privacy of om winnen? Hoe veel van jouw persoonlijke data wil jij delen met de mensen aan de roulette tafel?
Het Black Box Bellagio is een casino dat geen geld aanneemt, maar uit is op jouw vrijheid, integriteit en persoonlijke gegevens. Speel met de (on)eerlijkheid van verwachte kansen en ontdek welke persoonlijke gegevens jij wilt delen met je medespelers. Tijdens het spel kijk je op een alternatieve manier naar jouw persoonlijke data. Deze avond wordt live begeleid door een jazzband.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Masterclass / workshop on Nov 25th
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Event: Help, ik ben een database!

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Weet een algoritme wat ik wil voordat ik dat zelf weet? Met de komst van de informatietechnologie gingen we ons brein opvatten als een computer en onze genen als ‘de code van het leven’. Nu wordt ons hele leven in digitale stukjes opgeslagen in databases, die met behulp van algoritmes worden geanalyseerd. In deze lezing vertelt filosofische antropoloog Jos de Mul over de consequenties hiervan voor ons zelfbegrip, onze vrijheid en onze verantwoordelijkheid.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Lecture / presentation on Nov 18th
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Event: Moral Machine

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Tijdens deze speelse dialoog van het Moral Design Lab ervaar je hoe algoritmes steeds vaker ethische beslissingen voor ons nemen. Onder leiding van moderator Leon Heuts en diverse experts: Danielle Arets en Bart Wernaart (Fontys & Design Academy Eindhoven).

NEMO Science Museum's picture Lecture / presentation on Nov 11th
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Event: Digitale technologie in de gezondheidszorg

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Hoe dragen robots, Big Data en kunstmatige intelligentie bij aan de gezondheidszorg? In deze lezing vertelt Martijn de Groot, medisch bioloog en hoofd van het Radboudumc Health Innovation Labs over de steeds verder gaande integratie van de mens met technologie. Wat betekent dat voor de zorg? Wat zijn de kansen en bedreigingen? Waar komt die technologie vandaan, waar staan we nu, en waar gaat het mogelijk naar toe?

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NEMO Science Museum, posted

Big Data pubquiz

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Welke Trump-tweet is echt en welke is nep? Hoeveel MB aan datasporen laten we per persoon dagelijks achter? En herken jij de deepfake-video? Doe alleen of met een team mee aan deze enige echte pubquiz over Big Data!

NEMO Science Museum's picture Lecture / presentation on Oct 28th
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Bellingcat Datadetective

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Welke informatie ligt er allemaal verborgen in publieke data op het internet? En welke online technieken kun je gebruiken om die informatie bloot te leggen? In deze workshop vertelt openbronnenonderzoeker Foeke Postma je alles over zijn werk bij Bellingcat. Hij doet onderzoek naar nucleaire wapens en illegale dierhandel. Hij leert je alles over de verschillende manieren om geheimen op het internet boven tafel te krijgen

NEMO Science Museum's picture Masterclass / workshop on Oct 21st
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Theatervoorstelling #2 BIAS

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In de theatervoorstelling #2 BIAS van playField kruip je in de huid van een algoritme. Data wordt verzameld, parameters opgesteld en beslissingen gemaakt. Zo bepaal je zelf het resultaat van de voorstelling en word je geconfronteerd met een zwart-wit denkend systeem en de gevolgen daarvan op het hele publiek.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Event on Oct 16th
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Take control of your data

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Wat zijn de beste privacy-instellingen voor jouw apparaten? Hoe onthoud je al je wachtwoorden? En wat zijn de beste trucs om zo min mogelijke persoonlijke data te delen? In deze workshop ontdek je hoe je je eigen smartphone of laptop instelt zodat je privacy zo goed mogelijk gewaarborgd blijft.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Masterclass / workshop on Oct 14th
NEMO Science Museum, posted

Inclusieve algoritmen

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Zelfrijdende auto’s die eerder zwarte mensen aanrijden, recruitmenttools die vrouwen benadelen en fraudeopsporingssytemen die vooral zoeken in arme wijken. Algoritmes zijn niet neutraal, maar imiteren de mens, aldus AI-wetenschapper Sennay Ghebreab (Universiteit van Amsterdam). In deze lezing vertelt hij hoe algoritmes onze vooroordelen overnemen en hoe we ze kunnen inzetten om onze samenleving eerlijker en inclusiever te maken.

NEMO Science Museum's picture Lecture / presentation on Sep 30th