How to tackle climate challenges in cities?

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With temperatures of about 12 - 15 °C today, the Netherlands currently is not the "Winter Wonderland" you'd expect this time of the year. Usually, it would be around 6 °C.

Heavier rainfall and storms, higher temperatures, rising sea levels, and other climate change consequences impact urban areas worldwide, and cities are looking to adapt to the challenges involved.

Due to increasing urbanization, the number of people having to deal with challenges like the aforementioned is also growing. As a result, Amsterdam, like most cities, has to find solutions to limit the impact of climate change to ensure the quality of life and its resilience. The City of Amsterdam is aware of this and is committed to becoming climate-neutral by 2050.

To foster this ambitious goal and connect the objectives to the state-of-the-art knowledge from science, our Climate Resilient Cities research program works on a few different areas of expertise. In short, the entire urban air-water-soil-green system in and around Amsterdam is evaluated.

Curious what measures we design to help cities become climate-resilient? Click here to view our infographic and read our long read:


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Yasaman Parandian

I am looking for ideas for tackling the air pollution problem in cities, Please share your precious solutions :)