This House Is a Living Experiment for the Future of Energy

Proud to be a “proefkonijn” in the City-Zen Virtual Power Plant pilot project. Watch gizmodo magazine‘s new video to see how Amsterdam Smart City is leading the smart energy transition by enabling @SmartNieuwWest citizens to store and trade their surplus solar energy through home batteries.

Thanks @Cornelia Dinca for making the intro!


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Adriaan van Eck

If you dive into the matter you will immediately see why. Many tech and societal conditions needed to be met before this can take off. Now is the time.

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Robin Neven

I'm a bit surprised that after almost 10 years after I first heard about these kind of local smart grids pilot projects, it feels like we are still in such an early phase. What's up with that, why isn't it going any faster, what's holding us back? Is it only the technology or much more the people's mindsets?

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Adriaan van Eck

Great case on the future of Local Smart Grids and the energy transition.