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My name is Teska and I am currently writing my masterthesis about civic engagement in the smart city developments. As a case I am analyzing this platform and look how different stakeholders position civic engagement, since the citizen is presented as an important link between the different stakeholders. I am looking for people that are also interested in the role of citizens within the smart city developments. Do you have a company or project that is focused on citizens or do you mainly follow the theme Citizens & Living on this platform?

Send me a direct message or email to It will be valuable to talk with some people about this subject next to my own analysis.

Thank you in advance!


Teska Drosten

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Teska Drosten

Hi Nancy,

Thank you. Interesting articles indeed!

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Maaike Osieck

Looks great @jorgesaraiva ! are you already collaborating with cities? and which ones?

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Jorge Saraiva

Hi Teska, Engage Citizen is probably, one of the most advanced co-creation platform for citizen engagement. It is a two-sided platform: for citizens is a citizenry social network and for municipal agencies is a citizen-centric eGov system! My activity in Smart Cities arena is focus on Smart Citizens and Smart Business Ecosystems so if I can assist you in any form do not hesitate contacting me...

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Nancy Zikken

Hi Teska, you can check out the pages of Waag and Pakhuis de Zwijger ( Their employees have shared some interesting articles!


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