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Herman van den Bosch, Curator at Amsterdam Smart City; professor in management education , posted

Once upon a time in the future....

----when autonomous cars are the only driving vehicles (hopefully not too many) traffic will be much safer than today.

But what about the next decade when ordinary cars, automated cars and self-driving cars are mixed? In my newest post, you will find an answer to this question.

If you prefer reading this post in Dutch? Here you go: https://wp.me/p32hqY-1Iy

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Wouter de Wit, Consultant at Deloitte, posted

Sign up for the Amsterdam Mobility Challenge!

The Metropolitan Region Amsterdam (MRA) expects to grow by two million people and more than 200,000 houses in the next 30 years. Because of this; a complex mobility challenge arises that has to answer to the following questions:

• How can we keep the traffic flowing in a way that allows people to get where they need to be?
• How can we make sure goods will be delivered to people and companies?
• How can we approach this challenge knowing that we are moving towards an emission-free world?
• How can we maintain investment levels in infrastructure at an acceptable and affordable level?

We’re challenging teams to develop solutions that focus on:
• Optimization: improve driver, vehicle and fleet efficiency
• Public transport & shared mobility: introduce new methods of transportation and multimodality that are more accessible and flexible for everyone
• Interactive systems with existing infrastructure

Solutions should contribute to Amsterdam’s 2025 zero emission target and should work for and benefit the whole ecosystem of the government, transportation and logistics companies, retailers, insurers, the automotive industry and tech/digital companies. In addition, a major focus should be to provide citizens with new modes of transportation that are faster, cheaper, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

First prize for the winning solution:
€4.000 + travel for two people per winning team to attend the Garage Opening Festival in Amsterdam, April 11, 2019, where they will pitch their idea to top CEOs from each industry.
Second price: €2.000
Third price: €1.000

Sign up before the 15th of February!
For more information, please see: https://deloittegarage.bemyapp.com/mobility

Juliette Crespel, Project Manager at EVBox, posted

rEVolution 2019

Featured image

Thousands of cleantech experts have joined forces in creating sustainable solutions for mobility. We celebrate this movement during rEVolution, the annual networking and idea-sharing conference for the mobility industry and beyond. rEVolution 2019 connects over 1000 mobility thought leaders from around the world. This year, we challenge them to create better solutions and bigger collaborations that will accelerate the transition towards a zero-emission future. Join the rEVolution on March 19, 2019 at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam.

Discounted tickets available for Amsterdam Smart City partners and communitymembers. Just contact us via info@amsterdamsmartcity.com or check your Weekly Update email of 24th of January!

Juliette Crespel's picture Event on Mar 19th
Meital Itskovitch, Business development manager , posted

Smart Mobility Platform

HERE Mobility is dedicated to driving smart mobility forward through high-tech solutions. With a sophisticated suite of products, HERE Mobility empowers customers and enables the businesses that cater to their needs. By standardizing and opening up access to all mobility services, connecting supply with demand, HERE Mobility is democratizing the mobility ecosystem to benefit all businesses and consumers.

The mobility ecosystem is hyper-fragmented, with obstacles hindering true freedom of movement. HERE Mobility aims to improve access to the world’s transportation and mobility services by bringing them all into one place.

Our team will be visiting Amsterdam on January the 7th till the 9th, get in touch to hear more on the mobility revolution.

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Renske Martijnse-Hartikka, EU Project Manager , posted


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FABULOS (Future Automated Bus Urban Level Operation System) is a European research and development project to establish and deliver a systemic proof-of-concept for automated last mile public transport as part of the existing transport system of urban areas, based on the use of self-driving minibuses. The FABULOS project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and runs from 1 January 2018 until 31 December 2020. The FABULOS project has partners in Estonia, Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway and Portugal. The six procuring partners use Pre-Commercial Procurement as a tool to co-create an innovative solution together with multiple companies. Contracts have been signed in December 2018 with 5 consortia. The first Phase (feasibility study) starts in January 2019. Actual piloting of fleets of robot buses takes place in all 6 partner cities from Spring 2002 onwards.
Most recent press release: https://fabulos.eu/five-consortia-awarded-contracts-in-fabulos-pre-commercial-procurement/

The FABULOS consortium has finalised the evaluation of the tenders in December 2018 and has awarded five consortia with contracts. The aim of these contracts is to facilitate procurement of R&D work to develop systems capable of operating fleets of automated minibuses. As a first step towards this goal, each consortium will conduct a feasibility study of proposed solutions and technologies.

After the closing of the FABULOS request for tenders on 31 October 2018, the tenders were assessed by the Technical Evaluation Committee. In addition to commercial feasibility and project management, nine functional criteria and three non-functional criteria were used. The functional criteria range from fleet management and remote operation and all the way to requirements for vehicle capabilities in mixed traffic. Societal and legal aspects form elements of the non-functional criteria. The fleet is expected to drive in mixed traffic, at urban speeds, in nearly in all weather conditions and without a conductor on board.

“We were positively surprised by the high quality of tenders received and were pleased to discover so many exceptional solutions to the FABULOS challenge. It will be very exciting to see these proposed solutions become a reality by the end of 2020,” summarises Technical Chair of the Evaluation Committee Oscar Nissin, from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Five European consortia have succeeded in the first stage of the competition. In total, 16 companies from six European countries formed consortia as follows:

  • The FVF Consortium consisting of three Finnish partners: Fortum Power and Heat Oy, Fleetonomy.ai Oy and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.
  • The Kompai-Actia Consortium consisting of two French companies: Kompaï Robotics and Actia Automobile.
  • The Mobile Civitatem Consortium consisting of four partners from Estonia: Modern Mobility Oü, Tallinn University of Technology, Silberauto Eesti AS and Ecofleet Eesti Oü. The fifth member of the consortium is the Danish company Autonomous Mobility A/S.
  • The Saga Consortium consisting of four Norwegian partners: Halogen AS, Forus PRT AS, Spare Labs Inc. and Ramboll Management Consulting AS.
  • The Sensible 4 – Shotl Consortium consisting of two partners: Sensible 4 from Finland and Shotl from Spain.

The total FABULOS procurement budget is around 5,500,000 euros (incl. VAT). The maximum budget for individual suppliers involved in all three phases is over 1,000,000 euros (incl. VAT).

Anonymous posted

Future of Mobility Hackathon in Riga Letland georganiseerd door de Nederlandse Ambassade

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In 2018 had de Nederlandse Ambassade in Riga (LV) de eer om het staatsbezoek van Zijne Majesteit de Koning Willem-Alexander aan Letland te organiseren. Als vervolg op het staatsbezoek organiseert de Nederlandse Ambassade in Letland een hackathon getiteld: “The Future of Mobility – Get Connected! Smart Mobility and Sustainable Logistics” op 19-21 februari 2019 in Riga. Het evenement zal de economische relatie tussen Nederland en Letland bevorderen en kansen bieden voor innovatie, alsook de startups aantrekken van de sectoren transport, logistiek en mobiliteit.

Gedurende 48 uur zal 100 tal deelnemers (in teams bestaande uit minimaal 3 en maximaal 5 personen) uit het bedrijfsleven en de publieke sector aan duurzame en innovatieve oplossingen werken. De vier thema’s zijn Altertnative Mobility, Navigation and Innovative Use of Traffic Data, Smart Urban Logistics, Mobility as a Service. Ze zullen dit doen aan de hand van Nederlandse en Letse challenges, gebruikmakend van databases uit beide landen. Onze partners voor dit evenement zijn hackathon orhanisatoren Garage48 en de Letse grootste telecommunicatiebedrijf Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT). De hackathon zal plaatsvinden in het hoofdkwartier van LMT. Tegelijktijdig vindt het drukbezochte regionale start up tech evenement TechChill plaats, en de winnaars zullen de prijzen op het TechChill-podium in ontvangst nemen.

Als organisator is de ambassade op zoek naar bedrijven die geïnteresseerd zijn in sponsoring en participatie. Het sponsoren van dit evenement biedt uw bedrijf de uitgelezen kans om met experts uit beide landen te werken aan innovatieve en vooruitstrevende oplossingen op het gebied van Smart Mobility en Sustainable Logistics. Als sponsor kunt u bovendien eigen challenge aandragen gerelateerd aan de hoofd thema’s. De ambassade verwelkomt Nederlandse deelnemers uit zowel het bedrijfsleven, start-ups, de academische wereld en de publieke sector. Deelname aan het evenement is gratis voor Nederlandse deelnemers (u ontvangt een 100% kortingscode).

Voor meer informatie kunt u terecht bij Indra Freiberga, de Senior Economic Officer. @: indra.freiberga@minbuza.nl
T: 00371 29434242

Informatie: https://www.facebook.com/events/309420533243833
Aanmelden via: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/garage48-future-of-mobility-tickets-53135503722

AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted


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Roboat is a 5 year research program on autonomous vessels that helps solving urban challenges of the city of Amsterdam

For more information and the latetest news on Roboat click here.

Roboat Demo October 2018

Roboat - 24 months

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Evelien Brascamp, Communication advisor at Vervoerregio Amsterdam, posted

Smart Mobility in de MRA: gewoon doen!

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Met smart mobility oplossingen maken we mobiliteit binnen de Metropoolregio Amsterdam slimmer, duurzaam en toekomstbestendig. Maar hoe ziet de regio er over twintig of dertig jaar uit? Tijdens de tweejaarlijkse kennisbijeenkomst Smart Mobility in de MRA op 1 november jl. kwamen alle betrokken partners en marktpartijen bij elkaar voor de laatste update over lopende projecten.

Innovatieve last mile
Op station Zaandam stonden elektrische steps en scooters, deelauto’s en deelfietsen opgesteld. Deelnemers van het congres konden deze unieke services gebruiken voor de last mile van station naar evenementenlocatie Taets. Dé ideale manier om kennis te maken met elektrische steps van Enino, groene scooters van Felyx, deelauto’s van Stap Inn, innovatief OV van Via Van en deelfietsen van FlickBike. Na een woord van wethouder Gerard Slegers werd tijdens de opening van het congres de diensten van FlickBike ook in de gemeente Zaanstad gelanceerd.

Naast kennisdelen en ontmoeten stond ook de Smart Mobility projectenkaart centraal met daarop alle lopende projecten in de MRA. Dit is de eerste keer dat er een overall overzicht gepresenteerd is met daarop alle actuele projecten. Het overzicht is tijdens de dag verder aangevuld met projecten die er nog niet op stonden. Het resultaat zie je hier. Wil je op de hoogte blijven van het projectenoverzicht? Stuur dan een mail naar smartmobility[@]vervoerregio.nl.

Kennis delen in workshops
De kennisbijeenkomst stond deze keer in het teken van de toekomstbestendigheid rondom smart mobility. Na twee inspirerende, soms uitdagende key-notes van trendwatcher Richard van Hooijdonk en directeur Thijs Emondts van Uber werd er binnen verschillende workshops en speeddates gesproken over projecten en initiatieven in de regio. Zo namen Derk Wantia (MOJO Concerts) en Arwind Gajadien (LiveCrowd) de aanwezigen mee in de afwegingen voor een soepel verkeer rondom festivals en zocht Bart van Arem (TU Delft) naar input voor een wetenschappelijk vervolgonderzoek naar zelfrijdend vervoer in de MRA.

Speeddaten: alles wat je weten wilde over...
Uniek aan het evenement was de mogelijkheid om te speeddaten. Onder het motto ‘alles wat je altijd wilde weten over…’ konden deelnemers in korte tijd alles te weten komen over onder andere Talking Traffic of de slimme energieopslag in de Johan Cruijff ArenA. Een laagdrempelige manier om te discussieren, netwerken en geinspireerd de deur uit te lopen.

Op de hoogte blijven
De presentaties van de workshops en foto’s van de dag vind je op www.smartmobilitycongres.nl.

Wil je op de hoogte blijven van Smart Mobility in de MRA? Neem dan contact op via smartmobility[@]vervoerregio.nl.

Ananda Groag, mobility expert , posted

Wocomoco; international congress on sharing mobility

Featured image

Het congres op gebied van deelmobiliteit.

Wat kun je verwachten?

Ontmoet de crème de la crème van (inter)nationale platformen in auto-, rit, -fiets, -scooter en meer delen zoals Bird, Greenwheels, Felyx, Amber, Uber, Ioki, Mobike, GreenMobility, Mobility Carsharing, Mywheels, Hely, Toogethr, Juuve, Carvelo2go, Publibike, idosh, Biro, Cargoroo en meer.

Er zijn spannende OEM's of OV partijen zoals Lynk & Co, MOIA (VW), BMWi, Riese&Muller, Transdev en Switch van Hanover Hochbahn. Ook de wetenschap komt aan het woord, met onder andere Karel Martens over vervoersarmoede en iemand van de Uni in Sheffield over Blockchain en andere tech ontwikkelingen.

Beleidsmakers zoals de DG Mobiliteit van IenW, programmadirecteur Mobiliteit en Gebieden, de wethouder van Rotterdam komen ook, internationale branche verenigingen zoals CoMoUk, Bundesverband Carsharing en autodelen.net zijn aanwezig. Ook tech partijen als PTV, Invers en Ridecell delen hun inzichten.

Luister en praat mee over MaaS, wonen & deelmobiliteit, elektrisch, zelfrijdend en delen, beleid, gedragsverandering, bezettingsgraad en stel de brutale vraag die je altijd al wilde vragen aan Uber in een 'boxing ring', maar check vooral het programma! https://www.wocomoco.org/assets/docs/Infomaterialien_Kongress_2018/wocomoco_2018_vs02.pdf

Ananda Groag's picture Event from Nov 6th to Nov 7th
James Bell, Editor , posted

Automation Preparing To Serve Until The Last Mile

Automation, robots, and artificial intelligence – there is an increasing buzz around the deployment of these marvellous inventions when we have already started envisioning a future that will witness a new dawn of human-machine relationship.

On one side where people predict robots will conquer human jobs, on the greener side some anticipate the rise of high-skilled jobs for people. As a matter of fact, both the predictions seem to be coming true. Although robots are taking over the traditional human jobs, they are providing more advanced jobs for humans – securing safer jobs for us over a lifetime.

The initiatives discussed further are a concrete evidence to the interestingly contradictory anticipations. Different smart cities around the world are collaborating with the automation industry to launch autonomous vehicles for various purposes. They are paving the way to a more efficient, secure and convenient urban landscape.

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Herman van den Bosch, Curator at Amsterdam Smart City; professor in management education , posted

The choice between heaven and hell

Autonomous cars can change our cities into lovable places or into the worst gridlock ever. Urban policy will make the difference. In my newest blogpost I propose guidelines to align mobility with policy focused on on liveability and sustainability.
Find a Dutch version of this short essay here: https://wp.me/p32hqY-1Gv

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jackson Coleman, Product design and Marketing , posted

We Americans are doomed by our car-based infrastructure.

So now, as indicated by the massive commitments among automakers into AEVs, we will see the death of the personal car. Since we ignored efficient mass transport like a convenient railway system, and embraced sprawl to accommodate our beloved stinkpots, if we live between cities we may have no affordable ways to access them conveniently.

There are mass-transit urban systems which require a car (and parking) to access their sometimes isolated pickup points, and if you're more than 10 miles out, even that may not be plausible. From 100 miles away only a snail-paced, antiquated bus system may be available and ride-hailing service gets too expensive to be palatable.

As enlightened Amsterdamers, we need your advice in facing the future. It's too late to build a Euro-style rail system. In the long term, if we go without cars how can we move between cities and then have personal mobility inside them? Would be interesting to see how you are addressing that problem, assuming it even exists for you.

Air-taxis like Lilium.com? What about urban mobility? Car-sharing like Mavendrive.com? Scootriders in towns are fast but require serious skill.

We may have a different problem, but if you're interested would enjoy your thoughts.

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Maulo Lumleod, posted

Studens are looking to do business research

Beste connecties

Mijn naam is Maulo Lumleod, een vierdejaarsstudent bedrijfskunde aan de Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Samen met mijn teamgenoten Rutger van den Hoek & Janneke Methorst, zijn wij op zoek naar een organisatie die graag een professioneel bedrijfskundig onderzoek wil laten uitvoeren.

We hebben vanuit de Hogeschool een aantal sectoren meegekregen zoals Health, FinTech, Smart Cities & Mobility.

De opdracht voor het onderzoek mag volledig door jullie organisatie worden bepaald. Zo zorgen we ervoor dat we een onderzoek uitvoeren wat voor de organisatie relevant en nuttig zal zijn. Het onderzoek zal volledig worden begeleid door twee onderzoeksdocenten die vanuit de Hogeschool zijn aangesteld. Zij zullen de controle en begeleiding uitvoeren op het onderzoek. Meer informatie over het project kunt u vinden op: https://lnkd.in/dnaGpiT.

Het project zal gedurende de periode september tot december worden uitgevoerd. Het zal voor de organisatie geheel kosteloos zijn om het onderzoek door ons te laten uitvoeren. Wel vragen wij om tijd en medewerking om de nodige informatie te kunnen verzamelen.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Maulo Lumleod

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AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

Roboat Update!

Featured image

Roboat is a 5 year research project and collaboration between the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In developing the world's first fleet of autonomous floating vessels for the city of Amsterdam, it investigates the potential of self-driving technology to change our cities and their waterways.

The Roboat research project is entering its second phase of development.
This is what a year of Roboat looks like.
The team of researchers is now focusing on technical design and autonomous robotics techniques, after having developed the first vehicle prototypes last year. The design solutions being worked on are focusing on the areas of food, waste, transport, and water quality sensing. The research results of the second year of the Roboat project will be shared this October, and will include a demo on the Amsterdam canals.

In addition, a new Roboat website has been launched. It showcases the project’s technical details, use cases, data visualizations, videos, research publications, news and events.
One of the video featured on this new website impressively shows how Roboat navigates the canals using the Lidar sensing method, which allows the vessel to detect objects and adjust its route accordingly. Follow Roboat's journey through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam

Laserscape Trailer

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Esther van Bergen, General Manager at Cenex NL, posted

LCV 2018 - Low Carbon Vehicle Event

Featured image

Cenex-LCV showcases electric, connected and autonomous vehicle innovation

The last 12 months have seen accelerating progress towards the mass adoption of low carbon vehicles. Resulting in, for example, the UK government’s recent Road to Zero strategy announcement, which aims to see at least half of new cars ultra-low emission by 2030. This is reflected in the expanded range of activities and expected record attendees at the forthcoming Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event (Cenex-LCV2018). Held for its 11th year, the free-to-attend event will take place on 12th and 13th September 2018 at Millbrook in Bedfordshire.

The biggest event of its type in the UK, Cenex-LCV2018 provides an opportunity to showcase the latest technology, network with the wider industry, and hear about the latest innovation through its largest-ever speaker programme. Over 4,000 visitors are expected to attend from across the globe, with a particular focus on international automotive players.

This year’s Cenex-LCV event also has a number of new features offering companies, universities and project consortia the opportunity to showcase the latest developments and results, including demonstrating and presenting to both a UK and an international audience.

More generally, the number of exhibitors has increased to 220, thanks to the addition of two new halls and the expansion of existing space. Exhibitors across the three indoor halls will include motor manufacturers, Tier 1s, technology companies and universities, as well as a particularly strong turnout from the UK electric vehicle supply equipment sector, for which the Cenex-LCV event is the main showcase of the year.

The outdoor exhibition space will again host a broad range of vehicles, with over 120 on display - many of which will be available for ride & drive. These vehicles will include some equipped with new leading edge technologies in prototype form. (Note: be sure to download your drivers license code @ https://www.cenex-lcv.co.uk/ride-drive)

This largest-ever seminar programme will see over 90 speakers share their expertise in discussions, seminars and workshops, including trends in electric vehicles (EVs) and e-mobility; ultra-low emissions vehicle (ULEV) policy and market trends; smart charging solutions for EV business fleets; and digital and design engineering.

Cenex also welcomes the ZEV summit to Cenex-LCV 2018

The UK will host the world’s first zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) summit in Birmingham on 11th September 2018. Demonstrating the UK’s position at the forefront of low carbon vehicle technology innovation, the ZEV summit will be linked to Cenex-LCV 2018. ZEV attendees will be visiting Cenex-LCV2018 on 12th September, enabling them to see new technologies first hand and providing exhibitors with the chance to network with the widest-possible audience. It will raise the profile of UK low carbon and zero-emission vehicle activities on an international stage.

Esther van Bergen's picture Event from Sep 12th to Sep 13th
Alexandra Belicova, Partnerships & Events Lead at StartupAmsterdam, posted

Opportunity for mobility startups to exhibit at New Mobility World in Hannover, SEP20-27

Featured image

For the second time, the New Mobility World together with Startup Sesame, are calling on national and international startups to apply for the startup challenge – the NMW Lab18.

Is your startup looking to leave an unparalleled mark in the areas of future mobility, transport & logistics? Then the NMW Lab18 is the way to go! Please share this opportunity with relevant startups.

New Mobility World is one of the world's largest interdisciplinary events for future mobility, transport, and logistics, that will take place in Germany, SEP20-27, 2018. The focus will be on the six core themes Urban Logistics, Transportation Services, Alternative Powertrains, Advanced Materials, Automated Driving, and Connected Vehicle.

Apply before JUL15!

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Florentine van Boetzelaer-Tiemstra, Trade developer Smart City & Health at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

International opportunities in Xiongan, China for Dutch Smart City companies

Featured image

There are great opportunities for Dutch businesses in China. One of those opportunities is the construction of the city of Xiongan. During this meeting the RVO will discuss the possibilities that exist for Dutch Smart City entrepreneurs in China and how these can best be capitalized.

If there is sufficient interest to pursue this opportunity, we will organize a mission there in the autumn.

15.00 - 15:15 Walk-in
15:15 - 15:20 Welcome - Guus Derks, Smart Cities Coordinator
15:20 - 16:30 The case: Xionang, opportunities for the Dutch business community in China, including open discussion - Taake Manning, Innovation Council in China
16:30 - 17:00 Drinks

Register now, there are only 20 places available! Send an email to guus.derks@rvo.nl or jacobine.dezwaan@rvo.nl

For whom?
Dutch organization active within Smart Cities, especially in the sub-themes;

o Smart & Green Mobility
o Infrastructure for electric driving
o Autonomous driving
o Public transport for the 21st century
o Healthy Living
o Clean environment
o Telemedicine
o Resilience
o Water management, in particular water recycling

Florentine van Boetzelaer-Tiemstra's picture Event from Jul 5th to Jul 7th
Tom van Arman, Director & Founder at Tapp, posted

Top 10 Reasons why The Netherlands is leading the future of mobility

Featured image

Last week we hosted The Future Of Mobility Workshop at the SmartCities NY ’18 Conference where we demonstrated how The Netherlands is the leader in smart, safe and sustainable mobility.

We divided the participants into 5 workgroups to speak with the industry leaders like Goudappel, Deloitte, TWTG, RAI / Intertraffic, Yazamtec, OC Mobility, 2GetThere, TomTom & Atos, Delivery-bike, Lumiguide to demonstrate Dutch solutions on themes “Future Mobility Planning”, “Smart Parking”, “Autonomous First And Last Mile Solutions”, “Urban Data And Smart Mobility Solutions”, & “Green Mobility”.

To see the video summary visit: https://youtu.be/HzDvvjSaOZk

There were 60 participants attending the workshop to learn from the experts and showcase why The Netherlands offers a rich ecosystem of world class suppliers, knowledge institutes and service providers. From design, architecture, car and equipment manufacture through to innovative new technologies and green smart mobility solutions.

Did you know:

1. The Dutch were the first to map the world in the Middle ages... TomTom Dutch company delivering over 550,000,000 (yes, 550 million) data points per day

2. The Netherlands is the only country in which real autonomous vehicles move people among normal traffic

3. With over 90,000 EVs charged every day, the Netherlands operates one of the world’s largest and most advanced charging infrastructures.

4. KPMG and Roland Berger named the Netherlands global frontrunner in Future mobility (prepared for Autonomous driving, disruptive tech)

5. NL is the only country in the world that facilitates multimodal trip planning with one chip card

6. >90% of the chips in your car, cellphone are produced on a machine built in the Netherlands/Brainport Eindhoven by ASML

7. In the Netherlands the world’s first shockwave reduction project, which applies car2x communication in ‘normal’ traffic, was introduced on a highway that is equipped with cooperative roadside units (WiFi-P)

8. The Netherlands is one of the safest countries in the world with the most bicycles fully integrated bicycles in the mobility system

9. The Netherlands has the most cost efficient public transport

10. The Dutch automotive sector employs 55,000 people, most of whom work in the ancillary supply domain.

The Future of Mobility Conference was organised by AMSiXL and Brainport Eindhoven

For more information about upcoming future mobility workshops contact me at: tom@tapp.nl

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Dennis Mica, Business Development at 2getthere, posted

The Parkshuttle

Featured image

The ParkShuttle system is unique in the world in that it is the only automated system operating at grade, featuring (5) at grade intersections with other traffic, and is truly automated (no safety driver or steward)

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