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Looking for partners for a new creative and art start-up

I am developing a new creative startup with a new business model in the creative and art industry.

I am looking for partners who want to contribute to the development and further elaboration of the project.

I believe that this project can develop into a new leading product
and business that creates new opportunities with a new business model in
the creative and art world.

Here the link to my pitch, which is in Dutch.

PITCH LINK: https://1drv.ms/b/s!AowlSqkg7R-Eq3TYE_Z2AfqbFWKj?e=FsoXCB

If you have any further questions, or if you want to be part of something unique, let me know at k.dadah@outlook.com

Ilona Kemps, Programme Assistent at City of Amsterdam, posted

Startup in Residence Toolkit Launch

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The last couple of months we’ve (together with other SiR pogrammes) worked really hard to create a Manual. This Manual contains tips, tools and insights that come from the collective knowledge of 6 SIR editions in Amsterdam, and 15+ editions in the Netherlands.
It is a step-by-step guide to set-up and run a SIR programme. It is a workbook with “how-to’s” per step, worksheets and insights from previous programmes and contains a library with useful attachments. We want to inspire and motivate others to explore new ways of working, to set up and run a SIR programme or develop and/or expand an existing programme.

We want to invite you to the online launch presentation on Wednesday 25th of November. The first presentation is from 10:30 – 12:00 (Dutch), the second presentation is 13:30 – 15:00 (English). During the presentation we will give more information about the Manual and have plenty of time to answer all of your questions.

Ilona Kemps's picture Online event on Nov 25th
Audrie van Veen, International Strategic Advisor at Amsterdam Economic Board, posted

Helsinki publishes guide to agile urban pilots

How to get the most out of urban experimentation? The guidebook for urban developers sums up learnings and experiences from agile piloting in Helsinki.
The Pocket Book for Agile Piloting shares the experiences from Smart Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab in Helsinki and condenses the key learnings in a pragmatic and easily digestible way. Free download via Forum Virium

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Cristina Albesa, International Business Consultant at Integra Innovation, posted

DoQRead Summer Pills

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Text transformation and entity identification features support part of business processes.
Willing to find a solution to identify, extract, understand, classify and integrate texts by analysing images in documents such as orders, despatch notes or mortgages, among others, INTEGRA has developed DoQRead. With DoQRead you will take advantage of Artificial Intelligence progress to reach and cover all needs of every department in your company and organisation.

If you feel like hearing more, you are in luck! We will be glad to show you in a 30 minutes demo how DoQRead can be essential from now on to your company and organisation.
Just write to this email (calbesa@integratecnologia.es) and we will contact you.

Cristina Albesa's picture Online event from Aug 22nd to Sep 14th
Folkert Leffring, Digital Media Manager , posted

Amsterdam seeks start-ups for six-month residency programme

The City of Amsterdam is seeking the latest cohort of innovators for its Start-up in Residence programme, with this year’s themes being sustainability/circular economy and mobility. During a six-month programme, selected companies get the chance to pilot their products and services in the city and at the end, the municipality may become a launch customer or collaborate with the businesses in other ways.

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AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

ONLINE AMS Summer School - Urban Living Labs

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Build your knowledge & skills on the Living Lab approach during the online AMS Summer School 2020. This year's Summer School focuses on challenges brought forward by Amsterdam: Quay Walls and Bridges, Future Proof Assets and Positive energy Districts.

The challenges facing cities around the globe are complex and multidisciplinary by nature. Attempting to solve them in conventional linear ways is insufficient for addressing these manifold human-environment relationships that are at the heart of these challenges. Alternative approaches are necessary; ones that acknowledge the need for distributed problem-solving capacity and infrastructures for multi-stakeholder collaboration that incorporate local knowledge and practices.

AMS Institute is leading the way to develop, test, use, and train on Living Lab approaches. One of the forms in which to transfer knowledge and experience is in our Summer School.

This year we, focus on challenges brought forward by Amsterdam: Quay Walls and Bridges, Future Proof Assets and Positive energy Districts.

What are Urban Living Labs?
Urban Living Labs are environments for different stakeholders to explore and experiment together on solutions for complex urban challenges. The goal within Living Labs is to make impact by developing new products on a small scale – be it an object, a service, a technology, an application, or a system – and to find solutions that can be implemented on a larger scale. This is done in a real-life and co-creating setting in which different stakeholders give shape to the innovation process. The actors are users, private and public actors, as well as knowledge institutes. In essence, it is a methodology to help the collaboration and the structuring the content of an explorative process.

What you will get
You will learn to understand what a Living Lab is and when it can be of added value to start one. You’ll also gain hand-on knowledge on what is needed to have a successful start, and how to deal with issues such as stakeholder involvement and citizen empowerment.

The summer school will challenge you to work with a new mindset, build a new network of professionals and academia. It gives you the opportunity to be a part of the next steps towards the future of one of Amsterdam’s key projects.

During the summer school, we will help you solve the real-world challenge you bring with your team.

What we will do During the week you will work in a team of 5 participants on a pre-defined real-life case. The Urban Living Lab Summer School consists of lectures, online co-working sessions, trainings, and real-world interventions. It will tap into theoretical frameworks of Living Lab methodology, process tools to help deliver a plan of approach and deploy teamwork on a real-life case. It will focus on your own learning goals for reinventing cities of tomorrow. The mix of participants (Academic Researchers, Public Professionals, and Company Innovation Managers) generates new insights and perspectives on the challenges by cocreating solutions together.

Requirements for participation
As a participant,

  • you are a professional with minimal five years of experience in the field of urban challenges;
  • or you are involved as a PhD or Postdoc in urban challenged research projects
  • you identify with themes like urban circularity, mobility, energy, food systems, climate resilience and digitization;
  • you strive for sustainable, innovative and just solutions;
  • you are looking for different ways to tackle urban challenges;
  • you are inclined to learn, collaborate and co-create from different perspectives.

Challenges: Quay Walls and Bridges, Future Proof Assets and Positive energy Districts

Target Group: Academic Researchers, Public Professionals, and Company Innovation Managers

Form: lectures, interactive online sessions with personal learning goals and team challenges.

Language: English

When: 17-21 August 2020
Where: Online

PHD regular price €500; 2020 edition special price €300
PROFESSIONALS* regular price €2000; 2020 edition special price €1500
TEAMS please contact us for a special package deal

* AMS Institute partners please contact us for our partner prizes.

The application deadline is July 20th 2020. The application should include full name, email address, cell phone number, organization/university- faculty, function, CV. The application must include a motivation letter. Send the application to events@ams-institute.org

AMS Institute's picture Online event from Aug 17th to Aug 21st
Cornelia Dinca, International Liaison at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab

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Like cities worldwide, Marineterrein Amsterdam faces major challenges. For example in mobility, circularity, and (ethical) digization. To come up with innovative solutions, there is a need for physical location, knowledge and collaboration. Marinetterein Amsterdam Living Lab (MALL) is a place where this happens.

The Marineterrein uses the terrain as experimental environment for its own development. The partners work together to stimulate collaboration between companies, scientists, students and government agencies. This creates (scalable) experiments that are tested on the grounds, and ultimately applied in urban environments.

MALL is a place to research, experiment and test in a real-life setting. To achieve this MALL partners bring together their expertise, network, and communities in the field of research, innovation, urban development and experimentation at this unique location in Amsterdam.

Everyone is welcome to test at the Marineterrein. Given the special location, high demands are made on parties who come to develop and test on the Marineterrein. In addition to thematic alignment with the themes of the parties, careful consideration is given to whether the applications are innovative, whether they ensure connection between people and knowledge and to opt for a clear focus within a relevant issue.

Current Experiments
CINDERELA | CINDERELA is a demonstration plant that transforms urine into nutrient-rich fertilizer. The plant consists of a refurbished shipping container – containing a laboratory and two urine-diverting toilets – and an adjacent greenhouse which also serves as a meeting space.
Roboat | autonomous floating vessels that create a more dynamic urban infrastructure, and provide new ways of transporting people and goods.
Space for Food | the European Space Agency (ESA) explores the potential and scalability of applying space technology for applications in urban contexts.
Smart Roof 2.0 | an innovative, lightweight, blue-green roof equipped with a Permavoid drainage layer that stores rainwater and provides plants with water during dry spells.
Curious to see what else is being tested? Click here for a full list!

Open Calls
Amsterdam Drone Lab | drone flight testing facility at the heart of the Amsterdam city centre.

Want to start testing in the heart of Amsterdam?
MALL provides a publicly accessible but privately governed site in the heart of Amsterdam. This ensures you to test and implement solutions in the public space under credible circumstances with less restrictions. From quay walls, to buildings and roofs. The infrastructure of the site has been set up in such a way that experiments can be easily set up.
Submit your experiment!

MALL is a collaboration between Marineterrein Amsterdam and Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, with partners Amsterdam Smart City and NEMO Science Museum.

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Cornelia Dinca, International Liaison at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Amsterdam Smart City’s Knowledge Exchange Goes Online!

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Demand for knowledge and collaboration is greater than ever as cities look for innovative solutions and best practices to respond to the Covid-19 crisis. This is why Amsterdam Smart City is adapting to the corona crisis and the "new normal" by bringing its Knowledge Exchange programs online.

Any interested party, irrespective of their location, can now book one of three standard Knowledge Exchange programs hosted online, via the Zoom platform:

  • Smart City Consultation Session (45 min): This interactive session gives participants the opportunity to ask all of your questions about the Amsterdam Smart City program and projects.
  • Introduction to Amsterdam Smart City (1.5hr): This session shares the development and evolution of Amsterdam Smart City with a focus on governance, key projects and lessons learned since its inception in 2009.
  • Smart City Deep Dive (2.5hr): Dive deeper into one of four societal transitions central to the Amsterdam Smart City program: mobility, energy, circularity economy, or digital city. This session includes presentations and discussions with two experts and focuses on best practices and more than a decade of lessons learned from Amsterdam’s innovation ecosystem.

Launching New Program: Smart City Exchange

In response to demand for exchanging best practices, we are also launching a new “Smart City Exchange” to support cities and organizations with their urban innovation ambitions. During these sessions Amsterdam Smart City shares best practices and lessons learned from Amsterdam’s innovation ecosystem on a specific topic, for example mobility, energy of community-driven initiatives. In exchange we would like to hear from your city or organization’s experience and best practices on the same topic. In this way we create mutually beneficial Smart City Exchange!

To enquire about the Smart City Exchange or any of the other of our Knowledge Exchange programs, email cornelia@amsterdamsmartcity.com with a brief summary of the key challenges you are working and what you hope to get out of a collaboration with Amsterdam Smart City.

Share Your Online / Virtual Program

Are you offering online or virtual lectures, master-classes, trainings, tours or demos? Share your program on the Amsterdam Smart City Visits page! Or, do you have a solution that can enable our community members to do their bring their wokshops or tours online? We would like to hear from you! Share your solution or idea below or email cornelia@amsterdamsmartcity.com

About Amsterdam Smart City Knowledge Exchange Programs

Since 2016, Amsterdam Smart City has hosted more than 250 delegations from 70 countries. Over half of those visiting delegations were governmental groups interested in learning from the Amsterdam Smart City approach to collaborative innovation. Among the most popular topics for international groups are public-private partnerships, smart mobility solutions, citizen-led or “bottom-up” innovations, and living labs.

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AMS Institute, Re-inventing the city (urban innovation) at AMS Institute, posted

Urban Living Lab Summit 2020: Meet over 150 international Living Lab practitioners

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In many innovation projects, scientific programs, and organizations, urban living labs are achieving good results. In this co-creative, interactive Urban Living Lab Summit, we are going to explore tools that are used and ways to standardize them.

During the Summit - Monday, June 22nd, from 2 to 6pm (CET) - we will address:

● What tools can be used for designing, measuring impact, collaborating, and learning within Living Labs?

● How have these tools been proven helpful for living labs to reach their goals?

● What are lessons/insights that have been learned by living lab practitioners during this Corona crisis?

Want to know who's speaking? Or how to register? https://www.ams-institute.org/events/urban-living-lab-summit-2020/

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Lina Penninkhof, Content Creator/Event Producer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Campus Amsterdam Living Room Session #2 met Knowledge Mile

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Wij brengen de changemakers van de campussen en hubs in de kennisregio Amsterdam naar jouw woonkamer! Hoe? Je zet een kopje koffie, neemt plaats op een comfortabele stoel en klapt je laptop open. In iedere sessie staat een campus of hub centraal, die zijn eigen hot topic bespreekt.

Tijdens de tweede Living Room Session staat de Knowledge Mile centraal. Dit gebied in hartje Amsterdam - tussen het Amstelplein en het stadhuis - was ooit lelijk en vervuild. Nu is het een levendig gebied waar mensen en organisaties samenkomen om aan een groene, gezonde en duurzame stadsstraat te werken. Het Financieele Dagblad kopte al: 'Deze straat is puur goud'. Learning Community Manager Maarten Terpstra zal ons meenemen in de ontwikkelingen van de Knowledge Mile. Wist je bijvoorbeeld dat het ook een bedrijveninvesteringszone is? En dat Knowledge Mile Park zich hard maakt voor de vergroening van het gebied?

Tijdens onze break-out sessies kun je in kleinere groepen verder praten over het thema. Leer en denk mee over de vormgeving van een learning community.

08:20 | Instroom met koffie en thee
08:30 | Welkom Campus Amsterdam door Jen Drouin
08:40 | Presentatie Knowledge Mile door Maarten Terpstra
09:00 | Q&A
09:25 | Afronding plenaire sessie
09:30 | Start break-out sessies
10:15 | Plenaire wrap-up
10:30 | Afronding

LET OP: Voor de break-out sessies is aanmelden noodzakelijk. Er zijn maar een bepaald aantal plekken beschikbaar. Reserveer je plekje door dit aanmeldformulier in te vullen: https://bit.ly/2Uazbfi
De link komt een dag van te voren online.


Campus Amsterdam is een netwerk van campussen, innovatiedistricten en labs in metropoolregio Amsterdam. Ons doel is om mensen, kennis en faciliteiten in onze diverse kennisregio met elkaar te verbinden, zodat we samen kunnen werken aan urgente, stedelijke vraagstukken.

Lina Penninkhof's picture Online event on Jun 25th
Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Join the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab New Normal Challenge!

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How do we shape the new normal? Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab is looking for innovative ideas to help us safely reopen our restaurants and public spaces. Join the New Normal Challenge for a chance to test your solution on the Marineterrein!

The Coronavirus crisis has transformed our lives and its impacts will continue to be felt for months, potentially years. We are only beginning to shape the “New Normal”. What impact will keeping a 1.5 meter distance away from each other have on our lives?

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab (MALL) is a place to develop, test and apply solutions to global urban challenges and it’s the ideal location to bring creative ideas for our post Coronavirus life to fruition. Amsterdam Smart City is a core partner of the MALL.

With The New Normal Challenge, we are looking for other innovative ideas that can help us shape the new normal. This includes spatial, technological, social, and behavioral solutions for a better living environment.

Specifically we are looking for creative solutions on three challenges:

  1. How can restaurants and cafes on the Marineterrein safely reopen and adapt to the rapidly changing governmental guidelines?
  2. How can we ensure safe access and use of public space on the Marineterrein, especially during upcoming summer months when many people use it for cooling off?
  3. How can we use the current corona crisis to support lasting change toward more sustainable practices in Amsterdam?

Join the Challenge!

The challenge is open to anyone with an innovative idea, including citizens, NGO’s, start-ups, SME’s and corporates. Interested parties should submit their proposal by Friday, June 5 at 19:00.

Selection Process

Following an initial evaluation the top three ideas per challenge will be invited to pitch their solution during an online event on Wednesday, June 10. A jury will select a winning idea based on the following criteria:

  • How well does the solution address one or more challenges?
  • How innovative, sustainable and inclusive is the solution?
  • What is the economic and social impact of the solution?
  • Can the solution be implemented quickly?
  • Does the solution have the potential to scale-up nationally or internationally?


The winning idea per challenge will receive a free experimentation slot on Marineterrein Amsterdam for 3-6 months from June – November. The winners will also get access to the Challenge partners to develop, implement and scale their solution.

About MALL

Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab (MALL) is a collaboration between Bureau Marineterrein, AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute), Amsterdam Smart City and NEMO Science Museum. The main goal is to develop scalable innovations that make and keep cities liveable. At this unique location in Amsterdam, various communities in the field of research, innovation, urban development bring their expertise together to develop, test, and apply solutions to global urban challenges.

Challenge Partners

The MALL New Normal Challenge is an initiative of the Marineterrein Amsterdam Living Lab in collaboration with the Chief Technology Office (CTO) of the City of Amsterdam, StartupAmsterdam and Amsterdam Trade & Innovate.

Questions or more information

If you have questions or would like more information about the Challenge, you can email <livinglab@marineterrein.nl>. Or visit the website.

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Frans-Anton Vermast, Strategy Advisor & International Smart City Ambassador at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Smart Cities The Economic and Social Value of Building Intelligent Urban Spaces

A 2016 publication with a high vendor and top-down level approach.

Interesting to see how most smart cities have evolved their approaches:

from top - down to bottom - up
from centralised to decentralised
from municipality to community

from supplier to user and citizen centric
from solution orientated to problem orientated
from tech push to demand pull
from PPP to triple double helix (quintuple helix)
from 'capex' to 'opex'

from old fashioned consultancy roadmap to learning by doing
from 'talking the talk' to 'walking the walk'
from planning to design
from assessment to information
from physical to digital
from linear to circulair
from ownership to availability

from fossils to clean, creating sustainable options for ALL
from single use to restorative and regenerative use od resources
from closed to open using tech for social value
from crowded and polluting to smart and sustainable mobility solutions

last but not least: from 'EGO-systems' to 'ECO-systems'
(credit for this last one to Emil Boc, former Prime Minister of Romania and is the current Mayor of Cluj-Napoca, the largest city of Transylvania)

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Folkert Leffring, Digital Media Manager , posted

Amsterdam and Barcelona breaking new ground on data

A groundbreaking technology project offering solutions to people concerned about the control of their personal data has just concluded after three years of pilot projects in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

DECODE, an EU Horizon 2020 project delivered by a consortium of 14 European partners, has developed new technology that allows people to decide who they share their data with, and on what terms.

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Folkert Leffring, Digital Media Manager , posted

The five cornerstones of effective governance to drive urban innovation.

For urban innovation and digitalisation efforts to succeed, a municipality needs to think through its internal organisation and governance structures. Few ingredients more sharply define the difference between success and failure than having the right governance structures in place.

We asked member city leaders from the Cities Today Institute to share their organisational structure and governance choices. What does their mandate look like? How do they operate across silos? And what to do with the traditional IT manager?

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Lina Penninkhof, Content Creator/Event Producer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Knowledge Mile Morning Meetup #28 | FCB Amsterdam

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Benieuwd wie zich actief inzetten op de Knowledge Mile? Kom dan naar onze meetup en ontmoet de gebruikers van dit stukje Amsterdam dat zich uitstrekt van het Amstelplein tot aan het stadhuis op het Waterlooplein. De Morning Meetup vindt ditmaal plaats bij FCB Amsterdam. Een van de grootste zelfstandige reclamebureaus in Nederland met sterke internationale connecties. Creativiteit is de basis voor resultaat: dat is het credo van FCB. Met die attitude werken ze voor klanten als Nivea, Mastercard, L’Oreal, easyJet, DAF Paccar Parts, Nationale Politie, ING en OPEL.

We beginnen de meetup met een korte introductie van de Knowledge Mile en de bedrijfsinvesteringszone. Vervolgens deelt FCB haar activiteiten, vraagstukken of ideeën. Daarna is er alle tijd om nieuwe mensen te leren kennen en ideeën uit te wisselen.

08:30 | Inloop met koffie & croissant
08:45 | Welkom en introductie door:
- Cora Kreikamp (Business Community Manager)
- Maarten Terpstra (Learning Community Manager)
- Carla van der Linden (Project Manager Knowledge Mile Park)
08:55 | FCB deelt eigen activiteiten/vraagstukken/ideeën
09:10 | Tijd om nieuwe mensen te leren kennen
09:30 | Einde

- https://www.fcb-amsterdam.nl/
- https://www.knowledgemilepark.nl
- http://knowledgemile.amsterdam/

Lina Penninkhof's picture Event on Mar 10th
seyoung yu, posted

We want visit Amsterdam smart city.

My name is Seyoung Yu from South Korea and I am a student University of Ulsan majoring in Management.
I am interested in Smart City in different cities and countries, and my team is now working on a project on that topic,
"The development of a Smart City in Amsterdam."

Currently, we are under the school project called, "Global Chanllger", My university support groups of student
who want to visit other Universities and institutions to reseach and gather information regarding topics such as "Study on the Development of Smart city in Amsterdam."
We would like to visit Amsterdam from January 27 to 31, 2020.
We would like to attend the I want to visit Amsterdam Smart City.
Is there a place where I can visit for free or get some information about Amsterdam Smart City for a small fee?

We would like to ask for your permission for us to visit so that we
could have an opprtunity to obtain knowledge and various experience for "Smart City".
If it is possible to for the us to get your approval, please feel free to contact me. via email

Thank you for taking
the time to review our request :)

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Folkert Leffring, Digital Media Manager , posted

Five things cities should be doing in the next decade

As a decade of change has come to an end, what will the 2020s bring for cities?

Much of our work with city leaders and governments starts from an immediate pressing need–a housing crisis or a rise in knife crime–but so often moves onto preparing for the future trends that will change all of our lives, and cities as we know them.

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Vitor Pereira, Executive Director & Co-Founder at ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES ASSOCIATION, posted

2020 the year (and decade) to Start Smart

We created a few weeks ago the platform StartSmart.city.

StartSmart.city is a special incubation/acceleration program specifically designed to support and invest in cities and startups that develop projects directly or indirectly related to smart cities to strengthen the social and economic fabric of the territory.

StartSmart.city was created with the goal of supporting and contributing to the progress of cities by attracting and retaining talent and entrepreneurs by providing different and alternative channels for access to investment and financing.

I hope you can reach us in 2020!
Let’s go together to a different dimension of smartness.🚀
Bring it on 2020! 🏄

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Lina Penninkhof, Content Creator/Event Producer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Knowledge Mile Morning Meetup #27 | Amsterdam Venture Studios (HvA)

Featured image

Woon, werk of studeer jij op de Knowledge Mile? Kom dan naar onze meetup en ontmoet de gebruikers van dit stukje Amsterdam dat zich uitstrekt van het Amstelplein tot aan het stadhuis op het Waterlooplein.

We trappen in het nieuwe jaar af bij de Amsterdam Venture Studios (AVS). Het is dé plek waar (jonge) ondernemers werken aan hun innovatieve en duurzame businessconcept. Ook hebben ze verschillende programma's. Wist jij namelijk dat ze het '10K Pre-Incubator Programma' hebben? En het 'Venturing with..' concept waarbij iedere twee maanden succesvolle ondernemers hun verhaal doen. Meer hoor je op de meetup!

Ook zal omgevingsmanager Anne van der Eijnden meer vertellen over de nieuwe HvA-locatie: het Conradhuis. Wist je bijvoorbeeld dat dit het duurzaamste HvA-gebouw wordt?

08:30 | Inloop met koffie & croissant
08:45 | Welkom en introductie door:
- Cora Kreikamp (Business Community Manager)
- Maarten Terpstra (Learning Community Manager)
- Carla van der Linden (Project Manager Knowledge Mile Park)
08:50 | Presentatie Amsterdam Venture Studios
09:00 | Presentatie ontwikkelingen Conradhuis
09:10 | Tijd om nieuwe mensen te leren kennen
09:30 | Einde

- https://www.hva.nl/ondernemerschap
- https://www.hva.nl/10k/incubator/10k.html
- https://www.hva.nl/moving-forward/conradhuis/conradhuis.html
- https://knowledgemile.amsterdam/

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Amsterdam Smart City, Connector of opportunities at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Amsterdam Smart City partners at Smart City Expo Barcelona - part 5: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Featured image

Next week the Amsterdam Smart City team travels, together with a couple of our program partners, to the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. This is THE leading event for cities in the world. Main goal of the event is to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation across the globe. We asked our partners why they will join the Dutch innovation mission to Barcelona. We introduce you….. Mark van Wees and Marije Poel of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, who will present one of their most recent projects: ATELIER.

How is the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences contributing to the smart city?

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences serves as a knowledge hub for Amsterdam Smart City. We develop knowledge, research and education about the do’s and don’ts of smart city projects. Our goal is to accelerate and elevate your smart city project, as we unravel the ‘Amsterdam’ approach and the key elements of making an impact in Amsterdam’s innovative ecosystem. We’re involved in several local and European Smart City projects. We aim for a multi-disciplinary approach to smart city development: technology, business, design, citizens engagement, governance, urban planning and psychology.

What is your vision of a smart city?

We believe that smart city projects can create more impact – and more effective ecosystems – if we learn from each other and share the tools and skills needed to make our cities smarter. We are starting a H2020 Lighthouse project with focus on positive-energy-districts and demonstrations in Amsterdam (Buiksloterham) and Bilbao. In the project one of our tasks is cross-project and cross-city cooperation.

What are your plans for the Smart City Expo in Barcelona?

We would like to meet people who want to join our learning community. Are you interested in learning about scaling up, business models, citizen involvement or smart city governance? Let us know! We would really like to learn from other smart city learning platforms as well.

And more specifically, as University of Applied Sciences, we just joined the SCC01 community as partner of project ATELIER, leading the cooperation with European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities-network. We therefore also want to reach out to other Horizon2020 SCC-EIP projects within the SCC community we can learn from and cooperate with.

Marije Poel

Mark van Wees

At the Smart City Expo Barcelona, you can find The City of Amsterdam, Eurofiber, Amsterdam Smart City and other Dutchies a lot at the Dutch Pavilion. Street D, Stand 473.

Do we see you there?

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