Internships offered

Working on Residential Living Labs we offer internships dealing with circular housing, co-creation, cohousing in relation to IoT, data collection, community integration etc.
As intern you can contribute to the developments by assisting in
- Residential Living Lab developments
- community building
- pr & communication
- Living Lab programs
- research connected to residential living of the future (there should be a link with materials, construction systems, circular design, IoT, robotics, engineered architecture, public procurement, legal, social, green issues: don't hesitate to discuss your research proposal)

Interested candidates can send their motivation and background to (website ).


Anna Knetsch's picture
Anna Knetsch

Hej Beate,
firstly, thanks for following me on this webpage. Otherwise I would have missed your really interesting project!
Secondly, I had a look at your webpage and really like the integral approach you are taking regarding sustainable housing that includes environmental stewardship and also the buildup of cohesive and resilient communities in the future - which I am especially interested in. I will send you my motivation + background info ( is still correct?), but since I am in Amsterdam the whole next week (11.06. - 16.06.) it would also be possible to just meet up for a coffee and talk.
Best regards,

Beate Bouwman's picture
Beate Bouwman

Dear Dillion and Eline, thanks for your reply and interest. Could you send your motivation and background info to We are working on the website. until now, you can find us on facebook (International Residential Living Lab) and on Twitter @IntResLivLab. looking forward hearing from you!
Kind regards,
Beate Bouwman

Dillion Asher's picture
Dillion Asher

Dear Beate,

The sustainable housing initiatives at Woodyshousing are of great interest to me, and so I visited your website to read more about the positions and the work that you do. While I do not have architectural or web design qualifications for an internship, I am also looking for any opportunities to work as an unpaid volunteer for companies pioneering sustainable housing. Would there be a way for me to contact you personally to discuss?

Kind regards,
Dillion Asher


Dear Beate Bouwman,

The internships sound very interesting and I would in fact be very interested to do an internship at your company. I am not sure how to contact you about this or how to respond to your request, maybe if I had an e-mail address I coud send my résumé and explain my motivation further?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Kind regards,