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Jessica van der Plas, Program Officer Energy & Circular at Amsterdam Smart City, posted

Local energy systems challenge: How to organize local collaboration for the creation of energy systems?

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The climate crisis and current energy prices are stimulating a rapid shift from gas to electricity. This shift is happening quicker than expected and therefore has caused grid congestion.

Optimalization of local energy usage, production and exchange is important for tackling grid congestion. It can also stimulate the usage of sustainable energy resources and lower the costs of energy. However, optimalization requires intensive collaboration between local stakeholders. It also requires them to take the common good into account instead of their self-interest.

Properly organizing these types of collaboration on the local level is therefore very challenging. There is a need of creating a (as far as possible) standard approach with best practises and collaboration between the government, grid managers and the local communities. Alliander and Liander have therefore made an appeal for collaboration with the other Amsterdam Smart City partners.

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