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Tom de Munck, Content Marketeer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Global Goals Jam Amsterdam

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Are you interested in sustainability & design? Do you also enjoy working in interdisciplinary teams? Then this is your chance to participate in the Global Goals Jam 2021, register here.

On September 17 & 18 the Green Office HvA is organizing the Global Goals Jam in joint effort with the Digital Society School and the UNDP. During these two days participants worldwide will work in multidisciplinary teams, in order to create short- term interventions for local challenges using a design-thinking toolkit.

In this 2021 edition we focus on the topic of the century: Climate change. We have subcategorized this immense theme, into three sub-categories.

1. Climate Justice
How do we shift the focus on greenhouse gasses and melting ice caps into a civil rights movement with the people and communities most vulnerable to climate impacts at its core? How do we make sure that sustainability is not exclusive?

2. Beyond human-centered design
What will happen if non-human actors are our main priority in our design activities? How will design processes and ideas change when we take a nature-centered perspective?

3. Regenerative cities
How do we close the loops of our urban systems and communities? And how could we design our cities as ecological systems that are not only sustainable but also contribute to the economy as a whole?

Let’s partner up.
We’re always looking for partners who can support us in the organization, below are some examples as to how you can contribute. Reach out to exlore the benefits this partnership can bring you!

- A challenge within your organisation related to the themes.
- Speaker who can introducte the challenges on the kick-off on September 17.
- A jury to evaluate the pitches at the end of the event on September 18.
- Catering contributions.
-Professional documentation of the event.

Your own proposal is also very welcome!

Register here for the Global Goals Jam 2021
Do you have a question? Don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to!

Tom de Munck's picture Masterclass / workshop from Sep 17th to Sep 18th
Tom de Munck, Content Marketeer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Digital Society Showcase

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It’s that time of the year again! Are you ready for our Online Digital Society Showcase?

In 20 weeks the trainees of Digital Society School worked in multidisciplinary teams on developing a working prototype in collaboration with our project partners. During the showcase the teams will show you the prototypes and explain how they contribute to the Digital Transformation of Society and the Sustainable Development Goals. Of course it’s possible to ask your questions and have conversations with all the teams.

Save the date!

When: Monday June 21st
Whats time: 16:00 - 18.00 CEST
Cost: free

RSVP to secure a spot at our Showcase!


16:00 Welcome
by Zlatina Tsvetkova (Learning Experience Designer) and Marco van Hout (Creative Director)

16:10 Live talkshow “Dear Future, I’m Ready!”
with Interviews and conversations about

  1. Transformational Leadership and how we build capacity for it in Digital Society School
  2. Learning revolution - the vision, stories, and projects behind our track Educational Technology for social change and the new track we are starting in September, Beyond Blended
  3. Social tech and Digital Transformation -the vision,  stories, and projects behind our tracks Digital Twin and Systems for Sharing
  4. World Building -the vision,  stories, and projects behind our track Design Across Cultures and our biggest global event Global Goals Jam
  5. Instruments of changestories about the ways we integrate technology in society with our instruments teams.

17:00 Opening of the EXPO
You can walk around our virtual venue and meet the teams that have worked on these topics for the last 5 months. They will show you their prototypes, tell you about the journey they took to create them and answer your questions.We will also have an open session to continue the conversations on the topics above with a possibility for you as an audience to join the discussion.

18:00 Closing

Meet the partners

Amsterdam Economic Board, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG), City of Amsterdam, Durham University, European Union, Generalitat de Catalunya, INNO-TEC-LAB, Metropool Regio Amsterdam, Municipality of Haarlem, Startup Amsterdam, Streaming Buzz, University of Amsterdam, University of Barcelona, University of Bucharest, University of Ljubljana.

The projects couldn’t be possible without all partners. A big thank you to all. We are very proud for having the chance to work with all of you.

Sustainable Development Goals

With our projects we support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations.

Tom de Munck's picture Online event on Jun 21st
Tom de Munck, Content Marketeer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted


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Free Digital Twin webinar. Interesting speakers explain how this promising technology helps their organizations. 29 October, 16:00 - 17:30 CEST

In 2019, global research and advisory company Gartner listed Digital Twin as a key strategic technology trend. The idea of a digital twin, a virtual representation of an object, a person or processes, is not new. But the application of advanced big data analytics and AI might turn it into a truly disruptive technology. What happens when digital twins are linked to the real world, real people, real processes real time for monitoring and control?

Will we be in control, or will digital twins control us?
- How do we interact with digital twins?
- Who will be using the technology and for what purposes?
- Which companies are the driving forces behind the Digital Twin technology?
- How can we develop Digital Twins that will make the world a better place?
- How can we use Digital Twin technology to reach the UN sustainable development goals?
These questions are underlying the new DSS track, Digital Twin.

In the next three years, we will look into the nearby future. Using speculative design approach we will paint a picture of how digital twin technology will affect our lives and the world we live in. We are looking at digital twins from various industries in health care, life sciences, energy transition, fashion, architecture gaming.

To celebrate this new track, we organise a free kick off webinar about Digital Twin. We invited promising speakers to introduce us to the topic of Digital Twin and explain how this technology helps their organizations.


View all speaker bio's on our website: []( "")

➡️ Join us on October 29, 16:00 – 17:30 CEST.

Tom de Munck's picture Online event on Oct 29th
Tom de Munck, Content Marketeer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted


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This year marks the 5th edition of the Global Goals Jam. During these past five years, our community has grown substantially. We have had jammers participating in over 85 cities all over the world – that calls for a celebration. Therefore, we would like to invite you to join Back to the Futures, our very first online symposium!
With Back to the Futures, we officially kick off the Global Goals Jam 2020.

What? An online symposium in which we have invited long-term Global Goals Jam organizers and a facilitator to take the (virtual) stage. In a total of three rounds, these speakers will explore three topics that are key in designing for and with the Sustainable Development Goals:

1. Social and cultural bias in creative practices for sustainable development.
2. The shift in perspectives from human-centered design to design for life/design for the Sustainable Development Goals
3. Distance and desirability: health and well being in the communities of the digital age.

During each round, two to three speakers will share and discuss local perspectives from all over the globe on one of these topics between themselves – and together with you!

How? Simply post your questions in the chat next to the virtual stage – at the end of each round, we will do a Q&A. We encourage you to think along critically and share with us questions from your communities locally in order to foster inclusivity and diversity.

Why? With five years in the making, we wanted to give you the opportunity to connect more with our growing global community and think along with us about future Global Goals Jams. In these times of unprecedented uncertainty and with many being home-bound, it is – more than ever – important to embrace cross-cultural collaboration and design. By looking back on the experiences and insights from five years of Global Goals Jam, we can build sustainable futures together.

Where? The online platform Hopin. Get your free ticket here!

When? Wednesday, the 16th of September 2020, 12:00 until 14:00 CEST (local Amsterdam time).

After the symposium ends, you are more than welcome to stick around on the platform Hopin – it has some great networking options – so you can meet organizers and participants around the world. At 14:30 there will also be the option to dive in deeper into the projects we will work on in Amsterdam, by testing some freshly designed prototypes of our trainees. So stick around.

Speakers will be announced on our website shortly.

See you there!

Tom de Munck's picture Online event on Sep 16th
Tom de Munck, Content Marketeer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted

Global Goals Jam Amsterdam

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Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives? Join us and over 85 cities around the world in the fifth edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam! This is a two day event where creative teams work together on local challenges related to the Global Goals. Using a tailored toolkit, we will create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term Sustainable Development Goals.

Do you have a passion for solving social challenges to improve lives? Join us and over 85 cities around the world in the fifth edition of the #GlobalGoalsJam! This is a two day event where creative teams work together on local challenges related to the Global Goals. Using a tailored toolkit, we will create interventions aimed at short term targets in support of the long term Sustainable Development Goals.


Global Goals Jam 2019

Are you ready for #globalgoalsjam 2019?! This year 20-22 September. Get your tickets for the Amsterdam Jam now:

Digital Society School YouTube](

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

In 2016, United Nations Development Programme approached Digital Society School to create a collaboration that connected the design community with the Sustainable Development Goals. Using our expertise in Design Methods and international collaboration, we designed a process that empowers people to create direct impact for the global goals, solving local challenges relevant to their own context.

> “We are very interested to see how all the ideas that come out of events such as our Social Good Summit can really take effect and make the world a better place by 2030. Our long term partnership with Digital Society School (with whom we co-founded the Global Goals Jam) facilitates a way to take real action. People all over the world can see and learn from each other’s work, as well as provide inputs across borders to create a global design community for the Global Goals.”
> Boaz Paldi – Engagement Manager United Nations Development Programme

To see all global locations that are Jamming this year, and for more information on the global event, see:

Amsterdam Jam
This year, we are hosting the event in Amsterdam online. Join us and design for challenges by industry partners and get to work with our Digital Transformation Trainees, while learning how to design for sustainability and co-create in an online space!

Thursday 17 // Showcase Makersprint (time to be announced) On the Thursday before the Jam, there is the opportunity to meet your teams and get to know which challenge you’ll be working on. We have arranged an inspiring showcase on where our trainees will present the first results of their Makersprint. These are the projects that form the starting point of the Jam, so make sure you can join it! Details will be announced.

Friday 18 // Day 1 (9.30am-5pm)
9.30-10.00am – Opening Global Goals Jam
10.00-1pm – Sprint 1: Explore it!
1-2pm – lunch break
2-5pm – Sprint 2: Respond to it!
5pm – opportunity to work further and connect to other teams across the globe!

Saturday 19 // Day 2 (9.30am-5pm) – Check in and warm up
10.00-1pm – Sprint 3: Make it!
1-2pm – lunch break
2-4.30 – Sprint 4: Share it!
4.30-5pm – Closing

Tom de Munck's picture Online event from Sep 18th to Sep 19th
Tom de Munck, Content Marketeer at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, posted


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The Corona Format: One hour – Live at Youtube – English – 100% Awesomeness

We keep developing new forms of media: synthetic media such as deepfakes and virtual influencers, and intelligent IoT devices that create smart environments which communicate information to us. In this Psych-IT’s hour of power we will explore how we can design media in accordance with our illustrious human nature!

The reason why TikTok and Instagram stories work, is because it enables us to play a better act. These media connect to our playful human nature. Research Director Menno van Doorn views these platforms as stages for our performances, but this is not an escape from ‘real’ life. “Life itself is a play, as described by the great sociologist Erving Gossman in his The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life”.

Menno will discuss the findings of the new VINT report he is working on, titled ‘Playing with Reality’. A follow-up of his book ‘Me the Media’ which was published in 2008. His story will be about why new media and the human brain are a perfect match and how organizations should deal with this. He is anxious to hear your ideas and responses.

Industrial designer Mariana Pinheiro will share her vision on redesigning media in order to match our human nature. Should the smartphone be deconstructed into a smart environment? “Designing media, both digital and physical, means designing possible behaviors, shaping how humans interact with each other and with their environment. What happens when we use Design Thinking and technology to augment even more the way we communicate and the way technology communicates with us?”

Mariana will share her vision for the future based on her experience designing IoT products that have the purpose to augment our human senses.

Tom de Munck's picture Online event on Sep 29th