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Vineeta Shetty, Strategic Communications, Partnership Building , posted

Placemaking Week India 2021

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Calling environmental scientists, heritage conservationists, place brandologists, local administrators, urban designers, architects and citizen intermediaries to engage with Placemaking India in the run-up to its annual meeting.
We at #PlacemakingIndia are planning a moveable feast of beachfront, backwaters, riverbank and lakeside encounters in and around Mangaluru on the southwest coast of India in early December 2021.
Join us on the shores of the Arabian Sea in our India-wide mission to shake up spaces into #loveableplaces. Signal your interest to
#placemaking #communalspaces #heritagebuildings #culturaltourism #watersideplacemaking #urbanplanning

Vineeta Shetty's picture Conference from Dec 1st to Dec 5th
Vineeta Shetty, Strategic Communications, Partnership Building , posted

The Hague: Europe's Cyber-Guardian

Not content with its reputation as world capital of peace and justice, the capital of the Netherlands is now sharpening its profile in cyber-security. The Hague Security Delta (HSD), a unique public-private partnership funded mainly by the municipality, was launched in 2014 as the national innovation centre and leading security cluster in Europe. Creating products and services to combat global menaces, such as organized crime and terrorism, HSD is set to enhance The Hague’s status as Europe's cyber-guardian. Read about the rising stars of cybersecurity among an ecosystem of 60 in The Smart Citizen.

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