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The City Innovation Exchange Lab creates social impact globally with inclusive experimentation, testing Smart City solutions in Living Labs, and sharing best practices.



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Paul Manwaring, Co-founder at City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL), posted

Call for Cities to test the Responsible Sensing Toolkit

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As societal values change and the deployment of sensing technology becomes more ubiquitous, what are our digital rights in a 21st-century city?  This dilemma is forcing municipalities to make difficult decisions about practice versus the policy of collecting data from public space. In collaboration with the City of Amsterdam, The City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL) has created the Responsible Sensing Toolkit -  a six-step process to help navigate this new landscape in a fast and effective way. The toolkit was co-designed by experienced city innovators to empower municipalities, organisations, and communities to implement open and inclusive sensing solutions for our 21st-century cities.

We are currently seeking cities to test the step-by-step process to guide the design and implementation of crowd sensing pilots in public spaces.  For complete details about the Toolkit and how your city can participate please visit or contact CITIXL co-founder Paul Manwaring at

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Paul Manwaring, Co-founder at City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL), posted

The City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL) and the City of Taipei Department of IT win International Award for A.I. Camera test

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During the Smart City Summit and Expo Taipei this May, CITIXL won the inaugural Go Smart Awards for "excellence in intercity PoC collaborative projects among cites" for their test of A.I. Cameras during We Make the City festival 2018. To watch the video visit

The Parters in this project included CITIXL, Smart Taipei, the City of Taipei IT department, UMBO Camera, The City of Amsterdam CTO office, Makerversity, The Marineterrein Amsterdam and We Make the City.

This was a landmark, multi-stakeholder, international collaboration to test A.I. Camera (Camera Vision) use in public spaces with citizens in an interactive and inclusive experiment. The award and recognition further validates CITIXLs unique approach to generating data plus dialogue with experiments that raise public awareness, test smart city solutions and inform public policy.

During We Make the City festival 2018 the project partners installed an UMBO smart camera and created an experimental zone in front of building 27 on the Marineterrein to collect data about the amount of people entering the zone. At the same time, the zone was marked by warning signs to inform people about the experiment and CITIXL conducted interviews that informed a workshop on camera vision as service versus surveillance during the festival.

Since early 2018 CITXL has been working with the City of Amsterdam CTO office and various partner cities to gain insights on interactive smart city technologies that create social impact and cross the bridge between the city and citizen. Other experiments such as Smart Water Meters in De Cuevel in co-operation with the City of Daegu and Reclaiming Urban spaces with the City of Boston are gaining international recognition as practical and socially impactful projects that improve peoples lives.

For more information about CITXL, their organisation, partners, projects and how they create value and social impact with cities by experimentation as a service please visit

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Paul Manwaring, Co-founder at City Innovation Exchange Lab (CITIXL), posted

CITIXL - The City Innovation Exchange Lab

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Creating quick win collaborations by leveraging the power of the crowd in Living Labs. CITIXL is about exploring and experimenting with socially impactful innovations from around the world.

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