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Sage Isabella, Post Doc at University of Twente, posted

Applications for Data Transparency in Public Space Conference (Virtual)

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We are accepting abstracts for papers, posters/artwork, and workshops. The quality/uniqueness of work and adherence to conference theme is more important than credentials. As a reminder, your paper should address either (1) law and regulations, (2) data transparency in practice, or (3) possible futures. If you are unsure of whether or not to apply please email the conference organizers.

Submissions due Aug 15th! Conference October 6-7th.

The NWO funded research group BRIDE (BRIdging Data in the built Environment) and AMS Institute’s Responsible Sensing Lab are coming together to co-host a conference on data transparency in public space.

Cities have increasingly been collecting and analyzing data generated from sensors in public space. This conference will explore how data collecting capabilities and uses are made available (and understandable)
to the general public.

This event is for
Scholars, activists, legal experts, city planners, citizens, data scientists, and students will come together to better understand:

  1. the global legal status of data transparency in public space
  2. how data transparency in public space works in practice
  3. prototypes and ideas for the future based on the needs of the general public as well as corporate and governmental stakeholders.

We welcome you either virtually or in person with us in Amsterdam (limited "in-person" space available) to discuss and learn about these issues. If you wish to attend and not present send an email to to stay updated.

Note from ASC: Have a question? Let’s hear it in the comments.

Sage Isabella's picture Conference from Jul 29th to Aug 15th
Sage Isabella, Post Doc at University of Twente, posted

Looking for volunteers

The BRIDE project is looking for participants for a study on understanding human interaction with “smart” infrastructure visa-a-vi machine learning.

The experiment will take place in Amsterdam February 2019. Participants will get to interact with the world’s first 3D printed footbridge.

If interested, please email Sage Cammers-Goodwin (

Sage Isabella's picture #SmartCityAcademy